Covenant People

When we were still in our first little building, God was leading us to start a church in Earth City.

At that time, not a lot of buildings were for sale. Of the ones that were available, none were big enough or had nearly enough parking.

Finding a suitable building seemed IMPOSSIBLE!

About that time, there was a huge, 125,000 sq. ft. building that was being foreclosed on.
(By the way, we’re never happy about other people’s losses. But God has a way to turn everything that happens for our good.)

So now, there’s a beautiful, newly remodeled building available, IF we can get the financing done in 10 days.

10 DAYS? Now, the financing seemed IMPOSSIBLE!

But, here’s the thing. There’s a BIG difference between covenant and non-covenant people.

COVENANT-What does that even mean?

When we serve God, we’re in “covenant”, an unbreakable binding contract with Him. It means, we’ve made Jesus the Lord of our life and we’ve agreed to follow Him.

Well, God opened doors for us, and within 10 days, we had the financing we needed from a bank we’d never done business with before.

I TOLD YOU SO! God blesses His covenant people!

This is the key, because I’m telling you, things like this are going to happen for YOU! When you’re in covenant, God will speak to you.

Maybe you’re not so sure because you haven’t heard any booming voices lately.
No, no, no! I guarantee, He HAS!

But, we called it “coincidence”. We called it “intuition”. We had a “gut feeling”. Maybe, “a little voice told us” or we “just knew”!

God whispers secrets directly into the hearts of His covenant people.

Right now, we’re expanding God’s Kingdom into Ferguson/Florissant and in West Palm Beach. So, I need BUILDINGS!

What do YOU need in your life right now?

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  1. ~ Debra

    Well right now I’m in-between jobs and I have been for a couple months. The unemployment has run out, my car is failing in several different ways, my phone took a kaput, and I have some deadlines that I needed to make that were all contingent on me finding a job.
    But you know what? I know God’s got this. I know the car I’m driving now, he sent to me in a whisper, and I know the job that’s looking for me is going to find me any minute now. One thing I do know is everything happens in God’s timing, and something I know even more than that is that God’s timing is always by the skin of our teeth! This way it we know it is He and not we who performed the miracle. God bless us all! If not for His love, where would we be?

  2. Vivian Law

    I John 5:13-14
    This is the confidence that I have in Him, that when I pray I know He hears me. And if I know He hears me then I know that I have what I pray! I agree with you that we have new buildings to expand His kingdom! Praise the Lord who is faithful even when we are not.

  3. Tawanna

    This was sent directly from heaven. I’ve been praying about a situation and this post is like face to face dialogue with God–confirming to me of who he is and who I am and what is available to me because I am covenant with Him. This is so crazy because I was just praying about this particular situation this morning. This is big time confirmation. Thanks Pastor Nicole for allowing God to lead you to share this in this very moment.

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