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Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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Calm Before the Storm


September 7, 2017


Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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Have you ever had beautiful, blue skies in your life, and NO
CLUE that a “category 6” hurricane was headed right for

(I know, technically, there’s no such thing as a category 6.)
But sometimes, things hit our lives that look SO BIG that we
don’t even know how to rank them.

Can you see a divorce, a layoff, a bankruptcy, an eviction,
an addiction, a betrayal, a death, a diagnosis or just
overwhelming depression on the horizon?

Is something potentially DEVASTATING threatening your

When there’s dangerous weather headed our way, we
usually, get all kinds of advance WARNINGS. It’s all over the
news! We stock up on supplies, we cover all our windows
and we tie down all our stuff.

We’re prepared BEFORE the storm hits.

That’s NOT, often, the case when demonic storms hit our
lives. Most of the time, the enemy doesn’t give us ANY
advance warning at all.

We’re completely blindsided and caught off guard! If only,
we had known that trouble was coming right at us!
As a pastor, I walk through a lot of “stormy days” with my
church family members. Death and life are in the power of
our tongues. So, we speak and EXPECT the best, while being
PREPARED, ahead of time, for the worst.

How do we prepare?

We DON’T WAIT until our lives are devastated to start
talking to God. If we want Him in our lives, we have to
develop a real relationship with Him BEFORE our hurricane

God will NEVER leave us. He will never forsake us. He’s
always there and He’s always listening.

He is our calming presence before the storm, right there
BESIDE US… even when the lights go out!

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  1. Roscoe says:

    Amen and amen

  2. Teri says:

    No truer words were ever spoken. A relationship with our amazing God is the only way to navigate those gut wrenching hits from the enemy. In May suddenly my husband took his last breath. I was left homeless with $20 in a hotel room with no where to go. And no he had no life insurance. A week later I learned that my daughter has stage 3 lung cancer who has a son with brain cancer. A few weeks later I was violated by someone. But as I walk out these difficult day’s the one constant I know us how amazing God is and that he really does love us.

  3. Constance Adamski says:

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!! and Amen

  4. Joni Leon-Guerrero says:

    Mahalo Nui Loa for this powerful message. If folks would just Believe & Recieve! I appreciate your morning devotions.
    Blessings overflow ????

  5. Marinda says:

    As a child and later an adult my mother favorite saying “behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining.” Job was her all time favorite book in the Bible. My mom had challenges unimaginable for the average person to bear. At birth she had rickets a disease uncommon today. She grew into adulthood at age 23 was diagnosed with a rare severe form of neurofibromatosis. A disease that covered my mom from head to toe with tumors of sizes. She was trained as a nurse from the Providence School of Nursing in Chicago. And was let go from the railroad hospital where she worked until the age of 32. The doctors told her she was frightening her patients. My mom met married my dad a Navy vet at the age 24 and 3-years later; she became my mom. I was her first child of 3 kids. Back in 1949 having a child at that age was considered old. To get to the end of this mom became a constant patient at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. They removed a large growth off the side of her face similar to a large bag. They placed a steel plate in her head and she came home. Not bitter nor did she permit my brother and me to fight other kids when they would tease us about our mom. Sometimes kids would say mean things to us if we were all together. Mom would look at us and say remember the story of Job. I never seen my mom cry. Our little sister was lost in a house fire while all her health issues were challenging her. She was going through a divorce at the time of Helen’s passing. She took care of us by cooking for a workingman’s boarding house. She eventually returned to college and got her B.S. in Social Work. Helping and caring for people her passion. She never thought she would see her two remaining children grown but the Lord bless her to see that happened. Not only her children grown but a son-inlaw and a daughter inlaw and 6-grandkids. Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 51. She passed away at age 52 donated her body to Science. She had made her final plans 2-weeks before she died. Her Memorial Services included: 23rd Psalms and the 9th-13th Book of Job. In all this before she passed she never complained nor did we see her cry. I still remember what my mom said. I don’t complain and hold on to my faith in the Lord. Thank God I never turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with my life’s storms. I found out this precious gift of life gives me my highs and enough drama to make me drunk. Life without the Lord for me would be boring, depressive, and not worth living. He gives me plenty to get high on. Couldn’t handled 50-years of marriage 5-kids- 3-of them with challenges, 9-grandkids, obtained 3-degrees, and enough medical drama for a TV series without Jesus being the silver lining behind the dark clouds in my life. We do serve an awesome God.



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