You Wanna Win?

Got anything coming up in your life that makes you say – “OK, how in the WORLD am I going to do that?”

I’ve got one of those.

I’m finishing the companion workbook for “Hi God, (It’s Me Again)”, and at the same time, I’m starting ‘the book’. It’s the one I know that’s in there, that’s going to take an incredible amount of vulnerability to get out. And they want it done ASAP! Ummmm, ok. I still have all my other full-time stuff!

Do you have a BIG goal or a long term project you’re working on?

This is the trip we call “LIFE”, with a lot of little stops along the way. We don’t have to have a monstrous win every day, but we should be making PROGRESS.

At the very least, we need to know that we’re WINNING! Here’s what I like to do.

I always have a “To-Do” list. I know, there are many ways to keep track. There are some really cool apps like Trello, Basecamp, Evernote so many more that can follow work in progress. Or, there’s good old-fashioned paper!

I like to list the stuff I want to accomplish in categories; TODAY, TOMORROW, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH or THIS YEAR.

Making a list and following it, will help us get to WHERE we want to go.

Checking off a task, no matter how small, always makes me feel happy! It’s those LITTLE WINS that give us the motivation to move on to the next thing on our list.

If cleaning the WHOLE house seems a bit daunting, just divide it into smaller tasks.

TODAY I will;
Wash the sheets. (check)
Make the beds. (check)

And stop feeling guilty about the stuff you DIDN’T get done. (I know I do that.) Regret and guilt will try to take yesterday’s shortcomings and make them today’s problems. Today is a NEW DAY! It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine! Get those regret foxes out of the field.

Success is simply getting up one more time than you fall down! This morning you got up – CHECK! You’re on the right track!

Always be improving, creating a list and checking it off, making progress…and ALLOW YOURSELF to celebrate the little wins along the way!

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