Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself!

The other morning, I was on my way to a meeting…running LATE, as usual. I was already MAD at myself!

It’s my own fault. I always try to cram too much stuff into every single day of my life! Then it bugs me like CRAZY that I’m not on schedule.

Another reason I was mad at myself was, that I went to bed at 10:30 and didn’t wake up until 8:30 that morning. OMG…that’s 10 HOURS!!!

  • That’s PRAYER TIME that I missed!
  • That’s WORKOUT TIME that I missed!
  • That’s COFFEE TIME that I missed!

I suppose, if I slept that long then my body probably needed the rest! Still, I woke up AGGRAVATED at myself!

At least, it’s bugging me that I didn’t get all those things done. There was a time in my life when it wouldn’t have bothered me at all. So I guess, at least, that shows PROGRESS!

When I think about where I was 5 years ago…I’m doing so much MORE than I was back then.

Look at all the things YOU’VE accomplished. Don’t let the fact that everything in your life is not perfect, slow you down.

We need to stop being SO HARD on ourselves and just celebrate the little wins and where we are, TODAY!

We may not be where we WANT to be. But we can thank God, we’re not where we USED TO BE!


Are you too hard on yourself in certain areas?  Tell me, what’s been bugging you?

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  1. Lynn Kirn

    I think being hard on ourselves is a natural instinct for most. I know even after losing 240lbs I still get frustrated & discouraged that I can’t lose the LAST 30lbs. I can’t control my eating & make healthy choices when eating at a restaurant. Then I have to remember I have to allow my body grace & myself grace, that all in due times it will come together & my weight will drop. I abused my body for many years, why should I expect it to change on my terms?

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