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Recently, my family and I had the chance to visit Ireland. The countryside was so green and so beautiful, apparently, because it rains there all the time. In fact, it seemed like it had been cloudy and raining for most of the two days we had been there.

On our last morning, I was sitting by the window, looking out at the ominous gray clouds and reading my “Hi God” devotional. I was tempted to focus on all the gloomy weather. But, instead, I just started thanking God for all the good things.

“Thank you, God, for this amazing view! Thank you, that everything is so green and lush! Thank you, for allowing us to visit this beautiful place!”

And as I was reading, I came to this verse. “Let the light of My presence…”

And I’m not kidding. At that exact moment, the clouds parted and the sun came shining in. BAM!!! Right through my window!

I just started bawling like a baby! “Oh my gosh, God, You are so good!”

It was just a little thing. But, God is in everything!

His heart breaks and aches when we don’t talk to Him, when we don’t acknowledge Him and notice all the little things He does for us.

So, whenever we have the opportunity for self-pity, we can chase those feelings away with thanksgiving.

• In the middle of the divorce.
• The chronic health issues.
• The financial shortfall.
• The extreme loneliness.

Even when it seems dark outside, God will delight us by giving us little glimpses of our bright future.

Don’t miss it! It only takes one little ray of sunshine and hope to change our whole day!

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