Hang Tough!

Hang Tough!

Not too long ago, I was on vacation with my family when I came up with this GREAT idea!

Since our room was on the FOURTH floor of the hotel, I decided I would take the STAIRS every day to work off some of those extra vacation calories.

Walking up all those steps was EASY the first couple of days. I even trotted, just to prove to my daughter that it was NO BIG DEAL!

(I guess I was kind of proud of myself.)

Easier Said Than Done
But then the next couple days, it seemed to get HARDER. It started to HURT more. Ouch!!! What’s up with that?

You would think it would get EASIER each day. But, NO!!!

Sometimes in life, things will actually get HARDER before they get any easier.

It Takes Time
From the beginning of our CLIMB, until we finally see our reward…TIME will pass.

We have to HANG in there and be TOUGH!!

Eventually, that thing that ALMOST wore us down will become SO easy that it’ll seem like NOTHING!

Don’t Quit!
“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

Don’t quit just because it hurts a little bit! Keep it up! DON’T STOP!

The ease to walk THROUGH this “hard time” is on the way; and we’ll come out on the other side STRONGER and BETTER than before!

“Father, we know that the COURAGE and STRENGTH to walk through any situation is found in YOU!”

“We have FAITH in what You’re doing in our lives. With You on our side, we WILL make it to the top!”

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  1. Renee Reid

    I have watched Faith Church for years and we were so excited to see that you came to the O’Fallon area! We attended yesterday and we were blown away! Even my 16 year old was involved with the service and that made this Mom extremely happy! But your blog today hits home. I’ve been out of work for a year and finally may have an opportunity this week. It has been hard to hang in there but we have as a family – and that is what is important. God will not be early, he will not be late, he will be on time . . . his time! Amen! Have a blessed day!

    1. Renee, thank you so much for attending the service yesterday! I’m so happy that you all were there and that your 16 yr old loved it too! Keep hanging on and know that God will make all thing work together for your good (Romans 8:28)!

  2. carolyn Hendrix

    Nicole you always seem to know what to say. I have just started back to working out and eating the right stuff. Your message is perfect. I will share this with everyone.

    God Bless!!


  3. Janis Sonnenschein

    Pastor Nicole,

    You have inspired me so much. I have picked myself back up and I am going to keep going and strive to do my best at all times. You have given me the courage to succeed! Thank you so much.

  4. Sherry Pillow

    I love your analogies, Pastor Nicole. They are always practical and encouraging, things that most of us know, but need to be reminding in a Biblical sense.

    My tithe gets to church, but I’ve a difficult time getting there the past few months. When I’m able to attend, my husband has to bring me late and leave early. By the time I’ve gotten up early to prepare for church, I’m worn out when it’s time to go.

    I was discourage Sunday, discouraged to tears. I miss my church family, being able to serve, hearing the services live and resting in the anointing that’s present in the sanctuary. Then, I watched you minister that exceptional message on-line Sunday about keeping on and not giving up, always trusting God no matter what the circumstances may seem to be. Today, you have another powerful word of encouragement.

    A lot of days I read your blogs and think, that was really good, but today I needed to say, “THANK YOU” for your blogs. They are meaningful and transform hearts and lives, including mine.

    God bless you, Pastor Nicole.

  5. Candace Davis

    pastor nicole you have made my life alot easier and knowing that there is hope out there i used to listen to you and pastor david online until i lost everything and now living in springfield mo. i was always able to come to church with my good friend marti adams and she blessed me and my father gus so much at the church. just knowing that im not the only one who goes threw hard times. i miss you all dearly and praying i can come home to stlouis soon. i am homeless but staying with friends and famliy till things look up. i have a almost 1yr old who is my life and insipration for living and doing well. i hope that by reading your blog daily i can make a difference and know that things are possible. thank you all so much for everything you do. love and god bless you all.

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