I Wish I Could Do Yesterday Over…

Did you ever do something last night that you regret in the morning????

We took a friend out for a birthday dinner last night, and well – There were 6 appetizers for four people. Then salads. THEN entrées. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking! I just couldn’t STOP!

My stomach was full. It didn’t matter.

I knew I was blowing way over my calories for today, tomorrow, and the next day… But it didn’t seem to slow me down.

I ate so much I started getting sleepy at the table! But somehow managed to take a few more bites. 😱
And then this morning-

Stepping up to the scale I SWEAR I heard that epic horror movie music that lets you know, “the bad guy is about to jump out!”

Then that number… instant #REGRET 😭

Been There???

C’mon, be honest and tell me.

Here’s the facts.

I can’t change last night. I can’t change my past.

But I can keep my past from changing me.

I can sit here and feel bad. Have a pity party… (Only one person was there) Let it depress me today so that I end up eating ice cream to feel better…
I can decide that I can LET the past change me. In a GOOD way!

Instead of letting my past (in and of its own) decide my present, or even my future.
I can glean wisdom from it.
Failure is only failure when you allow it to stop you. Otherwise, failure is a learning experience and only makes you better‼️

Paul says it this way, “forgetting what is behind and reaching for what is ahead.”
Which honestly, in this context, has a double meaning… I’m really going to have to not look at my behind. 😂

You Did It. It’s Done. Can’t Change That.

SO – what are YOU going to do NOW????

That’s the question.

Don’t let yesterday ruin today. Yesterday was yesterday.

Don’t relive yesterday today, TODAY is today.

Live today! What are you going to do today?

You got another chance. You got another opportunity at the plate to take a big swing and hit a home run.
But if all you think about is the last strike out…

Don’t sit there and dwell on the last time you failed. I want to ask you a serious question. What’s the last thing you did right? What’s the last thing you’re proud of?

Think about THAT! It’s Bible 😊

So, whatcha gonna do TODAY champ???

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  1. Teena

    I hope I’m not being super spiritual but I (by myself) can’t seem to get anything right. I have to continue to push down that other nature. I acknowledge God first in most things leading that with thanksgiving. I’ll fail without Him. It’s a balancing act should I leave Him out. But thank God I now run to the throne (for Grace) and not the phone!!

  2. Teena

    Timing is everything!! So next, after reading your email and replying, I pick up the book at my feet (I’m in the chase lounge) and it’s ‘Hi God’ page 29 ‘Living Strong’. Thanks for your obedience to The Word Nicole!! When I read Psalm 103:2-5 as foundational truth to what you’re saying in your blog and book, and it says “Who satisfies your MOUTH WITH GOOD things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s”. So you shouldn’t feel bad about stuffing your mouth…noooo, just kidding…but is God talking about telling, talking, confessing Him? The KJV is the only version that says it like this.

  3. Wanda Snell

    You are soooooo right we want to fix what happen yesterday and really miss what God has for us TODAY HELLO !! . And myself have done this but no more no more. Yesterday was yesterday and this is a new day for me. Thank you Pastor Nicole for this message which has me to shift my thinking. Peace and Blessing to you. : )

  4. Malena

    To give my current day the permission to allow my “Future” to use my past experience as fuel. That will propel my Destiny to be a WINNER & Not a WHINNER!!

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