The Hazard You Just Don’t See, Today

A few weeks ago, we were just getting back from our vacation. The sink was full of dishes and our kitchen was a “hot mess”!

I remember thinking, “I’m not sure if I really want to work that hard today. Maybe, I can start getting back in my routine tomorrow.”

Is there anything that’s creeping up on you – one day at a time?

We know what we NEED to do. We know what’s good for us. But, the enemy will try to steal today and make us put off our joy and happiness until tomorrow.

• Just start eating right…tomorrow.
• Start working out…tomorrow.
• Look for that new job…tomorrow.
• Start reading that book…tomorrow.
• Clean the house…tomorrow.
• Start being nice…tomorrow.

Not today…but TOMORROW.

Tomorrow seems to be our answer foreverything. But, tomorrow never seems to come!

Have you ever noticed that we tend to make vague plans because they’re much easier to put off? We’ll get around to it, tomorrow.

But, we don’t have to wait until we feel better. We don’t have to wait until they stop talking about us at work. Whatever it is that we’re putting off until tomorrow…we can start, today!

If the task seems a bit daunting, try taking little bite-sized pieces. We don’t have to climb the whole staircase, today. Just take the first step!

Get the rest we need, today. Start being happy, today. Finish that project, today. Take the day off with the kids, today.

We’re not going to put off our blessing until tomorrow.

No way, devil…you can’t have TODAY!

3 Responses

  1. Marinda

    I needed to hear this today. God is always good. He sends me just what I need to hear without fail. Today, it came from my pastor. Thank God for you and pastor Dave.

  2. Teri

    Thanks for the motivation. I just lost my husband two months ago and I am finding it hard to get back to life. I will learn to stop procrastinating my to do list for another day. I am thankful for God centered women who help me to just put one foot in front of the other each day knowing God has my back and a plan for me.

  3. Teena

    Teri, I’m so sorry for your loss. We live in this fallen world and it has the nerve to keep going despite our pain, almost ignoring it. But our Lord and Savior has given us great and precious promises. One that comes to mind is Hebrews 13:6 so that we confidently say, “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What will man do to me?” God Bless!

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