Life’s Not Fair!

I feel the whole “not fair” thing. I DO. I GET IT!

I was born in Canada and later got adopted in the US. That makes it hard for me to get a passport. It makes it REALLY hard to get new licenses or renew my global entry.

Every time I want to do one of those things, something comes up and I have all kinds of problems.

I have to prove WHO I AM, all over again! I have to prove that I’m not a terrorist. (Come on…look at me. Do I look like a terrorist?)

I’ve done this, already…like TWENTY TIMES since 911. It just doesn’t feel FAIR to me!

Why do UNFAIR things still happen to people who are trying their best to do right and follow Christ?


Our God is a GOOD FATHER. He does NOT find pleasure in our pain. Nor, does He put problems or sickness on us to teach us a lesson.

It’s because we live in a world that the enemy still has access to. (For a time.) But, JESUS came and redeemed us from the curse!

It doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen. It just means, as Christ followers, we have a WAY OUT.

When life doesn’t seem fair, we want God’s JUDGEMENT! But then, when it’s our turn…we only want His GRACE!

Trust God to handle this. Do not give that problem ANY of your future…it’s already taken enough of your TODAY.


Tell me. What’s NOT FAIR about your life, right now?

Then, continue reading “I Want to Complain Right Now” on Page 49 of “Hi God, It’s Me Again”.

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  1. Cindy Blount

    Good morning Nicole. thank you for sharing your heart and such a timed word for my daughter. My heart hearts for her. My daughter, Alexis 23years old is in Israel, graduate school studying for international relations in strategic intelligence and counterterrorism. She believe God called her there to complete her degree in this It’s been a cultural shock to say the least. She and her husband, Simond have experienced firsthand what it feels like when you say “it is not fair”. Alexis and her husband, Si are 23 years old and graduates of libertyUniversity. Alexis and I are both born and raised in St. Louis but she went to Virginia and I’m now in sunny Florida They moved to Israel in October for graduate school at IDC Herzilea and the labor laws are so bad to international students or anyone that is not From Israel or of Israel decent. Simond has looked for a job over and over while they’re there for the year to complete her studies They have avoided at every cost to giving them a work permit or work visa and they have been sent to so many places round and round only to end up at the same place where they begun , nowhere! She is so frustrated and it has turned their heart from Israel. They love God serve at a very small small church but Isreal won’t give them work for whatever reason. Then she learned the surrounding countries are desperate they pay to come and work in Israel for 2 to 3 years at a time and paid very very low wages almost like labor trafficking. They are living on their school loans and Simond just completed a two-week world project missions trip in India Which was very uplifting for him to build orphanages and teach the residence of India how to pour brick. It is very expensive to live in Israel for tickly the food and housing. They went there with confidence that he would get work and she would be a full-time student and complete her degree in a year it’s been a challenge but God has provided and protected them. Nicole. please keep them in your prayer all they want is a work permit or work visa and because there a United States citizen they are having a very hard time getting it Please believe with me in prayer that God will open that door for Simond to work so they can have plenty in the house And to do the will of God. They are faithful tithers. Your story resonated with me and I just needed to share this with you knowing you would understand the difficulty after reading your story. Please keep Simond and Alexis Rucker in your prayers. They live in Ranana Isreal and She attends ICD Herzliya school of government until September when she will graduate and return home.

    I sent Alexis and Simond this devotion. Thank you! Cindy

  2. Tami Reynolds

    We’ve been in a time of trial for awhile now, me having multiple surgeries, being unable to work, homelessness, my 12 year old having brain surgery, and many people judging without knowing our story. Everything is finally on the mend which I praise God for, we are nowhere near where we hope to be, but I know we are not alone.

  3. Marinda Ferrell

    Amen. My life story should have given me many reasons to hate God. As a child I believed and every day; I see how God has planned my life. he blessed me to see the possible from the impossible. He gave me my life from birth to now. Truly thankful and blessed beyond measure.

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