Your Future is Not Based on Your Past

Last Monday morning, I got up and looked at my phone and there was a text from a friend.

It said, “Your ‘Hi God’ book is being picked up for sale by Barnes and Noble!” WOW!!!

I was TRULY humbled and wanted to cry!

That was a pretty BIG moment in my life, because it wouldn’t have happened if I had said:

  • This kind of thing doesn’t happen to girls who are abandoned by their father!
  • This doesn’t happen to adopted girls who were raised in the back hills of Missouri on a dirt road!
  • This doesn’t happen to girls who were molested in grade school.
  • This doesn’t happen to girls who were unwed mothers at 17.

In fact, if I had judged my FUTURE based on my past, without a doubt, I would have been a statistic.

But God!

“But God chose those whom the world considers foolish to shame those who think they are wise, and God chose the puny and powerless to shame the high and mighty.” 1 Corinthians 1:27 (TPT)

If God can use me and my MESS…then you should never doubt that He has BIG PLANS for you!

So let me say, if you’re planning on buying the “Hi God” book or any other Christian book, do ALL CHRISTIAN AUTHORS a favor and order it from Barnes and Noble.  

Here’s WHY.  

We need to show these bookstores that Christians are everywhere and we DO appreciate it when they carry uplifting Christian material!


If you already own a copy of “Hi God”, I have EXCITING NEWS! Coming this week- The NEW “Hi God Journal and Study Guide” will be available.

Go deeper in your study time with God, using this companion book as a compliment to your “Hi God Devotional”.

Available, NOW, in the Faith Church Source Bookstores, or online at higodbook.com.


7 Responses


    Hi Nicole, that is fantastic about your book getting published. I would love to read Hi God. I’m sure it ‘s a awesome book. Have a great and bless day Nicole.

    Your Brother in our Lord & Savior Jesus. James Glazner!

  2. tina

    You inspire me so. That where I come from and what I’ve been through is not my destiny but the destiny that God has planned for me thank you Nicole for being an open book first that struggle

  3. Nikkie

    Lord Jesus, if this is not the same thing I tell myself .If I stop, or if I give up I not only let God down but those people who are like me looking for some hope.This is just Confirmation. Thank you Lord.

  4. Marinda Ferrell

    Your book inspires me every time I read it. Those who have received it as gifts from me enjoys it too. Looking forward to your next book. Thank God for you and pastor Dave.

  5. Deb Hansen

    So happy for you! Thank you for sharing the great news with us and reminding us that ANYTHING is possible with God.
    God Bless you and your ministry.

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