My Funny Valentine

Back when I was pregnant with Ashtyn, David and I were just lying in bed one morning. We were talking about the baby’s room, what we’re going to name the baby and all that stuff.

He said, “There’s one thing you need to know. I’M A MOTORCYCLE GUY. Babies don’t ride motorcycles. So when you want to take the kid to the Zoo, or go to Grants Farm, or do all that little kid stuff, I’m NOT going to be there because I’m going to be riding my motorcycle.”

(NOW, he tells me?)

I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, EXTREMELY hormonal and bawling my eyes out! I remember thinking, “What kind of MONSTER did I marry?”

We can’t MAKE people change. The truth is, no matter how well we THINK we know a person, in every relationship, there will always be surprises.

In my case, David was NOT the tough guy he thought he was. He turned out to be the best father and the BIGGEST SOFTIE ever! If Ashtyn wants something, she knows to run to Daddy because he will give her ANYTHING!

It’s important to marry the RIGHT person. Don’t get in a big rush! We need to see that person grow and change through ALL THE SEASONS of the year.

Most importantly, never marry someone with the INTENTION of changing them. We’ll never be able to “fix” them. Give it to God. Only He can pull that off!




Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person totally surprised you with their behavior? (Good or Bad) Tell me about it.

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  1. Ella

    Yes I have,i actually thought when he said exclusive and wanted it to lead to something nice that we were on same page. Count down to a year,he calls it a briefcase relationship and we end it. He is about to get married presently

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