Mirror, Mirror

Years ago, when I was still working in the corporate world, I remember being the “new girl” assigned to work on a team with five other people.

But, there was this one guy in the group who just wouldn’t warm up to me…no matter what I did.

A few weeks into the project, he sent out an email talking about some problems he was going through, and ended it with, “I’m raining on the inside!”

I recognized his reference to an Amy Grant song and answered back with more of the lyrics. Instantly, my phone rang. He said, “I didn’t know you knew that song!”

I told him how I liked her songs, and assured him that I “had his back” because I knew exactly how he was feeling.

He said,“Really? When you started working here, I thought you didn’t like me.”

Then I told him,“That’s so funny, because I didn’t think you liked ME!!!

We can’t let our happiness live in another person’s head, because we really never know what they’re thinking.

The truth is, they’re probably not thinking about us, anyway. Most people are usually too preoccupied thinking about themselves.

But, how we view other people is often dependent on how we see ourselves, because, most of the time, we tend to believe what we see in the mirror.

Thankfully, God doesn’t see us for who we are. He sees us through the filter of Jesus!

He sees us for who we are becoming!

After talking with so many people, over the years, I discovered that many of us are continually wrestling with a lot of the same issues; feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and just overall low self-esteem.

That’s why I wanted, so desperately, to write this devotional to remind you (and especially me) of how differently God sees us.

He sees us in Jesus! Even in the middle of our biggest messes, He sees us as valued, adorable and so very precious!

I hope this devotional will encourage you, through God’s own Word, to face each day with the confidence that the Creator of the Universe “has your back”!

Hi God (It’s Me Again), What to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Say is available at all Faith Church campus bookstores, or online at Amazon.com and HiGodBook.com.

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  1. Marinda

    As always Pastor Crank you reach and touch people where we live. Your book is awesome and have purchased 3- and will buy 3-more at church and online. The first book purchased during the early released. Now it get interesting, I purchased the second book at Amazon. there was a mix up with the address and because it took so long due a carrier issue; they cancelled the first order. they sent out a replacement received it. The next day the cancelled book came in. I called Amazon and paid for the book because I had two books and only one was paid. The other books I will buy at the church. I am a big fan of hard cover books and avoid paper backs. Thank you for inspiring and uplifting all of us through the words of God. Glad Jesus died for me too.

    1. Nicole Crank

      Marinda I am so glad that you love the book, it warms my heart to hear. Not so much of the sipping issues though.. Keep reading, enjoying and sharing!

  2. Rebecca Corson

    Amen! Thank you Pastor Nicole! I’ve struggled with this very thing most of my life. It wasn’t til a few years ago when I finally realized as long as Jesus loves me , being reaffirmed by others doesn’t matter!
    Thank you for the strength in always speaking words of encouragement ! You’re a true blessing! 😇

  3. Nicole McAfee

    I am reading the book now. I bought 6 copies and the bundle for myself. I am sending 5 out to friends and hand delivered one to my neighbor. I am really enjoying the book and I am sure my friends will live it as well. I’m sure I will be purchasing more for gifts. Thank you!!!

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