Back in my corporate world days, my husband used to always brag on me. I was “The Closer”. I was the person who could make the DEAL!

But, to tell you the truth, I was not really that good of a sales person. Put me in a room full of people and I’m, actually, kind of shy.

So, how did I become so good at sales?

(I’ll tell you the secret.)

Consistently make 20 cold calls, every day, whether you feel like it or not. That’s the HARD part!

You’ll get a lot of “no’s”. You ‘ll have to deal with a lot of rejection. But in the end, it will usually pay off…BIG TIME!

Consistency is the KEY to a successful life!

Work hard, get some exercise, eat healthy, take time to rest, love
your family and attend church. Take care of business!

But, once-in-a-while, it’s okay to…

• Eat the cake!
• Bing on Netflix!
• Sleep all day!
• Turn off your work phone!
• Have a movie marathon!
• Order the appetizer, the meal AND the dessert!

Being steady and faithful, most-of-the-time, makes it possible for us to indulge, once-in-a-while, without beating ourselves up and feeling guilty.

After all, what we do consistently, EVERY DAY, is very different from what we just do occasionally.

Once-in-a-while, relax and ENJOY! It will help us appreciate this wonderful life God has given us!

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  1. Marinda

    Thank you because I try to keep it balance and sometimes fall short of the mark. I just get back up and start again. I no longer have to beat myself up God agree with you too.

    1. Patricia Griggs


      Your book, Hi God it is me again has truly blessed me and my daughter, while attending the conference I purchased 2 books. Thanks for the inspiration.

      Pat G.

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