See and Say

When I was little, I had a toy called a “See ‘n Say”. It had a string that you pulled. Ashtyn had one that had a handle that you pushed down.  

It was big and round and it had an arrow that spun around until it stopped on a picture. (Usually, it was an animal.)

When you SAW the picture of the dog, then it would SAY, “Woof, woof!”

OMG! Isn’t that what we do? What we see in life…we SAY!

One of my favorite lines that people say is, “This is reality. I’m just being REAL.” The truth is, we CREATE our reality with our own mouth.

That’s where we get tripped up. We see it then we say it. Then we start thinking we’re right.

“I KNEW it! I guess I called that one!”

Well, of course we called that one. We created the reality with our words. We prophesied our own future!  

Our PRESENT reality, we see with our natural eyes.

So what God is asking us to do, is NOT look at our future through those NATURAL eyes. But look at the future He intended for us through our SPIRITUAL eyes, and then SPEAK it into existence.

I’m not asking you to lie. I’m asking you NOT to give credence to the CURSE by ignoring God’s promise.

Stop releasing the power of the enemy’s words! This might be what’s happening, now, but this is NOT our future!

God didn’t call us to SEE and SAY. He called us to take charge and speak the power of HIS PROMISE!


What do you SEE in your bright and blessed future?  What can you SAY about it?

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    WOW!!! So DEEP!!! So TRUE!!!, espically in these Banner Years Ahead were gonna have to speak it into existence in order to see the fullness of r blessing come to pass!!!

  2. I absolutely love this message. What a great reminder to speak the word, over what we can see in front of us. Whether we think we can, or think we can’t – we are right. So best to be God’s vision!

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