The Fight To Get To The Fight

The Fight To Get To The Fight

When we think about King David in the Bible, we usually remember his victories and all that he accomplished.
Most of us don’t consider that he actually had to FIGHT (many times for his very life) just to get IN the fight!

David’s first fight WASN’T when he faced Goliath. He had to fight MANY fights just to get to that place.

The Constant Fight
• When the prophet came to David’s house to meet all the kids, they didn’t even INVITE David to the party. (Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad!)

• When all the eligible males were sent into glorious battle, David was LEFT BEHIND sitting on the backside of a hill with the sheep. (Considered incapable.)

• When he finally got to the battle lines, (even if it was just delivering lunch) and asked why no one was defending his God and country, David was publicly HUMILIATED by his own brother. (Shame instead of friend or family support, nice.)

• When he was the only one with the courage to face the giant, Saul tried to fill him with doubt and FEAR by rattling off all of David’s SHORT COMINGS. (Thanks a lot great leader and mentor!)

David had to fight EXCLUSION, being IGNORED, being SHAMED, and being told he just wasn’t the man for the job over and over again.

No one in his family had his back. And yet, he was the perfect and GOD-CHOSEN person for the job! (Read Psalm 16 & 17)

Just like King David, God chose YOU for a precise destiny and purpose; to slay all the giants that get in YOUR way!

Don’t be discouraged by those who try to keep you from getting to your giant. Many of them envy you and wish they had your courage, themselves!

Push Past The Naysayers
It doesn’t matter what THEY have said about you. It doesn’t matter if anyone else BELIEVES in you. God does!

“He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4 (NKJV)

Even if your boss, teacher, parents and family can’t see the giant-slayer INSIDE of you…it’s THERE!

God SEES it…and I see it, too!!!

Claim VICTORY in the fight ahead! If you liked this today, this video will encourage you even more.

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  1. Angie Jones

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…each battle fought will prepare me for what is to come and each battle makes me stronger. What doesn’t kill me truly will make me stronger. Thank you God for the battles and thank you for standing by me always!

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