To Catch A Thief

Years ago, before David and I were pastors, we raised horses out on a little farm in Franklin County. One day, I started noticing that certain “very personal” items from our house were MISSING.

We had a THIEF!!!

As it turned out, the handyman that we’d hired to HELP us around the farm was actually STEALING from us…right under our very noses!

He hadn’t snuck in during the night. He hadn’t broken any windows or “jimmied” any locks. In fact, we had willingly opened the door and given him FREE ACCESS to our home.


In the Bible, John 10:10 warns us that there IS a thief, the enemy. He comes to STEAL…he comes to KILL…and he comes to DESTROY!

You see, the thief comes ON purpose, and the thief comes WITH a purpose.

It’s not random. It’s not casual. He INTENTIONALLY comes to steal our most valuable possession…our JOY.

He’s coming for our JOY because our joy is our strength! (Nehemiah 8:10)
· If he can steal our joy…then he has all our STRENGTH.
· If he has all our strength…then we’re left helplessly WEAK.
· If we’re helplessly weak…then he can TAKE US OUT!

When we allow the small stuff (and believe me, it’s all small stuff) to irritate us, aggravate us and ruin our perfectly good day, then we’re just OPENING OUR DOORS WIDE to the devil and his dirty tricks.
We can STOP INVITING the enemy in to steal all our stuff! Just SLAM the door right in his face and then install your spiritual deadbolt!

Shout, “You’re not taking my JOY, devil…NOT TODAY!”
“In the name of JESUS!!!”

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  1. Sheree Riney

    Amen! This is a great message. The devil always come to kill, steal and destroy! My God!
    But I’m here to tell you my God is greater, my God is stronger, wiser, and bigger. He has equipped us to rebuke the devil and armed us with what it takes to overcome and take our lives back. The devil stole my peace and joy and strength 3 1/2 years ago, BUT GOD! I’m saved now and the devil is under my feet. My God! Thank you Pastor Nicole.

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