Ask, Expect, Reward

True Worship

It was one of those RARE nights when we went ahead and dismissed the service, even though some people were still worshipping. NO ONE wanted to leave!

After about half-an-hour, my phone vibrated in my pocket with a text from my nine-year-old daughter, Ashtyn.

It said, “Mom, I’m BORED. Can I go out in the foyer, please?” I promptly responded, “Come up to the front row with ME.”

Heart Whispers
I leaned over and told her, “Moments like these are special. If you listen really hard, God may whisper to your heart.”

“He usually ASKS you to do something, and then He EXPECTS you to do it. Then He will REWARD you and ASK you to do something else.”

Her little KID brain tried hard to grasp what I’d said, but she got bored again and started flipping around in her seat.

Then, I could tell she was really trying to FOCUS. Suddenly, she started crying.

I asked her, “Did God WHISPER something to your heart?” She nodded, hugged me and continued to cry.

Obedient Hearts
A minute later, her dad motioned for something. He had been sitting on the stage floor with his eyes closed, PRAYING.

Ashtyn held my hand as I brought him a microphone. He immediately took it and handed it to our daughter.

God had ALREADY told her what to do. She lifted her hand, and through her tears, she TRULY WORSHIPPED God in a leadership position for the very first time!

Unrehearsed Praise
Ashtyn sings on stage a LOT; very professional, put-together, rehearsed and even somewhat reserved. NOT tonight!

Tonight, with complete abandon, she just WORSHIPPED and didn’t care what she looked like to others.

It wasn’t about appearances. It was just about her newly-whispered-to HEART praising Him.

The Way I See It…
God ASKED her to truly worship Him. She did that in her seat, and so He REWARDED her with a platform.

Then, He ASKED her to truly worship Him on stage (without singing). She did, and He REWARDED her with the respect of her mom, dad and many others.

If you’re about to give up on your walk with God (or some other part of your life) because it’s been TOO long, or it’s become SO boring… DON’T DO IT!

Closer Than You Think
Just like Ashtyn, you could be SO close to breaking through. Had she left, she would have missed something truly AMAZING!

Allow me to invite you to the FRONT ROW of your future!

Stop and listen for His voice. If He’s ASKING you to do something, then DO IT!!!

This made me think about how many times I’ve been bored, tired or impatient, and may have given up right before a supernatural blessing was about to unfold in front of me.

Please share with us, if anything like this has ever happened to you?

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  1. Patience has never Bern my strong suit and often I’ve felt like God not only took too lo g but plumb forgot about me. This simple message from Pastor Kim really puts it in perspective of having child like Faith and trusting he is always on time.

  2. Christine Collier

    I ‘m in the waiting period – years of not getting why so many disheartening phases – but not doubting that I’ve needed to go through! God has his plan and I will see just what that is when he ‘s ready!!!! Great encouragement -Thanks!

  3. I was there for that very moving service. It’s good to know what moved her to that stage, She appeared to be just stepping up and taking her place. It is amazing that you would Blog about this now, I am at a point I am trying to figure out who is talking to me. If it is Good it is God if it is bad it is not, right? How do you figure out if it is good or bad? Struggling with that one a little. What is good for someone else may not be all that good for me. Or maybe it is good for me & I just do not realize it yet. Maybe God has a plan I cannot see. I guess I just have to trust him to lead me the right direction

  4. Syretta Kirk

    Thanks Pastor Nicole. I have really been going through some difficult battles with myself. I can’t figure out exactly what it is I am suppose to be doing. I have a gift and its accomplishing whatever I put my mind to, but all of those things I have done have not captured my heart. I love to serve and help people but have not pinpointed what it is I should be doing and kind of get frustrated with how lonf it is taking. Please pray that I stay steadfast and find my way. Thanks for your blogs, the keep me encouraged.

    1. Syretta, I will be praying for you as you find your way! There is something out there that once you find it, it will ignite passion on the inside of you! I believe it’s coming your way!

  5. Jaisree McCormick

    Thank you. My son is 18 months and has had many health issues due to a genetic condition. He is an amazing boy and God has such amazing plans for him. 6 weeks ago, we went to the hospital for scheduled surgery a 3-5 day stay. We have yet to leave the ICU. I know that God has a plan of healing, but sometimes you find yourself asking, sometimes screaming, “Lord when?!” Praise God that he wispers to us. He calms us and comforts us encouraging us to hold on. Its like riding spacemountain, you never know when the coaster will turn, dip, or drop. Thank you for reminding us to hold on during the ride.

  6. Angie Jones

    Many times I have stood on faith and wanting to give up…when I was faced with giving up or trusting in God’s plan for me by walking in faith I was always surprised by where God took me. I know God has the perfect plan for me and by waiting, not pushing and having patience I know that it is AWESOME for he is AWESOME!

  7. Angie Jones

    What is God saying to me? Do I always listen? Am I quiet enough to hear him? Sometimes I am so caught up in me I miss what he is telling me. God’s path and way is so much more awesome and allowing him to guide me has been a little intimidating at times…a little unknowing…and even at times I felt the desire to question. Trust in him…his plan is perfect!

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