I Want No Regrets

We let FEAR keep us from SO MUCH, but don’t confuse fear with a LACK of PEACE.

Never let fear stop you. It will try and block you from your blessing. But always be led forth with peace – our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. The Bible says be led forth with peace.

Colossians says to follow the umpire of peace. Let peace be the final decision.


Fear will try and make you think you don’t have peace. That’s why spending time with God is so important.

To check what he wants us to do to get the blessings we don’t know about that he has in mind – and hurt that he wants to save us from.

FEAR tried to tell me I couldn’t even go down the big safe mountain biking trail because I have a couple of friends who got really hurt doing that recently. I almost let it stop me. (Don’t tell David! It was an inner battle and I ended up acting brave on the outside.) But I had peace about it, even though fear was trying to hold me back.

I’m SO HAPPY I went and followed peace regardless of fear.

I want to encourage YOU to do the same. I would have missed so many amazing moments in the last few days if I had given into fear. And it makes me wonder what I’ve missed in the past.


Regret is only a thief of today’s joy! Jut move forward today in PEACE! Xo

On my Instagram I jumped off a mountain yesterday and I’m jumping off a higher mountain today. What I was afraid of yesterday, I want a bigger, higher mountain today! Your fears could be keeping you from your biggest pleasure!!

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  1. So true, I was so afraid to drive by myself to my brothers out of State. I didn’t for the longest time and I missed out on knowing my brothers.y one brother had cancer and he didn’t have much longer to live. That was so much stronger than fear. I had to be with my brother, so I pulled myself together and got there.He died a few days later. I was so glad I went but I think of all the time I missed. I have made several trips now to get to know my other brother. I don’t want that to happen anymore. I do wonder what is next, it is in my spirit. Thanks for your post, Holly

  2. Sharon

    You are strong in your faith and it gives me strength to watch you. I don’t get to go to church often so tv or internet is my resource .Thank you and may God bless your family.

  3. Susan Rupp

    Thank you Nicole. Your right. Your ministry is amazing and simple to follow. My dear friend Tina Evans who belongs to Faith introduced me to your ministry. It and she has been my blessing.

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