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Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, dynamic international conference speaker, powerful life coach, pastor, and well-known television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” that is broadcast around the world! Nicole and husband, David, are the Lead Pastors of, with eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and thousands more Online.

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Goal Getters: 5 Steps to Finally Getting What You Want

Are you tired of just setting goals and ready to start achieving them? One of the first ambitious goals I set was to retire from the corporate world by the age of 30. (Check.) I was financially able to walk away from technology sales and live my dream! Back then, I set big, bold, audacious goals and mapped out a precise plan to achieve them. It worked! Now, it has become part of my daily routine. Today, as an author, conference speaker, television host, and pastor, I'd like to walk you through my five-step plan to help you achieve exactly what you've always wanted!

I want to teach you organizational strategies, how to create a vision, and become a prolific goal-setter! I want to share some of my personal experiences with success and failure. But most of all, I want to reveal the recipe for the secret sauce that will take you from being a Goal Setter to an actual Goal Getter!


What would it take for this year to become the most amazing year of your life?

My five-step plan is breathtakingly simple—so simple that even a child could understand it. However, it will require determination. Anyone can access this toolbox of opportunity. All you have to do is work the program and follow through! Will you follow these steps in order to achieve your highest potential and enjoy your best life?

In her new Goal Getters book, our dear friend, Nicole, has opened up her personal toolbox for success and shared her innovative strategies for getting everything you’ve always wanted! She reminds us that nothing is impossible! No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to utilize your God-given talents and finally live the life of your dreams!

Roma Downey, Producer, Actress, Author & President Lightworkers Media and Mark Burnett, Emmy Award Winning Producer

Sam Chand

My friend Nicole Crank makes your dream doable. In her book Goal Getters: 5 Steps to Finally Getting What You Want she lays out the five steps to your destiny. Don’t let your history define your horizons. Nicole will challenge, excite and certainly motivate you to take the five steps to success.

Leadership Consultant and Best Selling Author

Kami Pentecost

There is not one thing in this book that I will not apply to my own life, let alone incorporate in the lives of those I shepherd. While Nicole Crank has become a new friend, she’s a friend I feel, even as I read the pages of her book, to be someone I’ve known my whole life. She has an incredible gift of connecting while inspiring, and pushing her readers to do more and be more. I would highly recommend this on every level.

Former Senior Vice President of It Works!

ROMA DOWNEY and mark burnett 

Step by step - day by day - we work together to get you to achieve your dreams. 


You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Reading about goals is great - knowledge is POWER! But faith words without faith actions are dead. You don't want dead dreams! So... here is your action motivation!

- nicole crank

Five Easy Steps to Get Exactly What You Want! 

Nicole Crank is a USA Today Best-Selling Author and the author of “Goal Getters,” a book that teaches how to create amazing vision, set prolific goals, and take steps to finally achieve your dreams. 

Drawing on her years of experience in the corporate world and on two decades of church building and leadership development… Nicole will walk you through her five-step plan of proven organizational strategies.

Nicole will openly share some of her personal experiences with success and failure. But most of all, she will reveal the recipe for the “secret sauce” that will take you from being a Goal Setter… to an actual Goal Getter!

When she’s not writing, Nicole is the popular television host of “The Nicole Crank Show,” seen by millions around the world. She’s a dynamic international conference speaker, leadership coach, blogger, podcaster, and pastor.  

Other books by Nicole include: “I Will Thrive,” her personal story of triumph over a traumatic past, and “Hi God (It's Me Again)” and “Hi God, One More Thing,” two books that show you, step by step, how to talk to God. 

Nicole and husband, David, are co-founders and Lead Pastors of, a multisite, multicultural, nondenominational church with over 18,000 members across eight campuses in Missouri, Illinois, and Florida, as well as thousands more Online.




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