Are You Holi-Dazed?

So this week is Thanksgiving? And right on its heels is Christmas. Do you have a plan? Too many plans???? How many Thanksgiving meals are you expected to eat?

Do you have friends and relatives starting to PRESSURE you?

Any of this sound familiar?
“Can you help set up the office party?”
“Grandma will be SO disappointed if you don’t come home for Christmas!”

We SHOULD be excited about the upcoming holidays. But honestly, this is what I hear;
· “I still have SO much shopping to do!”
· “I have company coming and my house is just NOT ready!”
· “I’m AFRAID, the kids are going to be disappointed with their gifts.”
· “Mom wants us here…and Dad wants us there. I don’t know HOW I’m possibly going to keep everyone happy!”

Sure doesn’t sound like the Hallmark Channel! lol

Are you feeling a bit HOLI-DAZED? Let me help take the pressure off!

In our family, because of churches in two different states, we can’t always celebrate holidays on a particular date.

But, it’s not a problem. Instead, we just celebrate OUR holidays whenever we can all be together.

That’s what’s important. It’s not about the date on the calendar…it’s about FAMILY TIME!

YOU do NOT have to try to make everything PERFECT! You don’t have to make EVERYONE happy! Some people are just NOT flexible. (You know who I’m talking about. That’s their problem.)

We do what we can. We’re gracious, kind and loving. But we can’t allow a “Scrooge” to break our spirit, steal our JOY and ruin our FUN!

THANKS-giving is coming up. Be humble. Be grateful. Be generous and THANKFUL!

Then, really CELEBRATE Christmas. It’s a birthday party that’s not about US…or our kids…or the presents we get.

It’s about JESUS, the REASON for the SEASON!

The fact that, we can celebrate Him TOGETHER with our loved ones…is all that really matters!

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