It Didn’t Kill You!

You’re still here.
That means you won.
You might be thinking – no, I’m still fighting.
Ok, fine. Demean the fact that it didn’t beat you yesterday if you want.
Go ahead and declare the victory and the fact that it didn’t take you out yesterday.
And PS – it’s not going to take you out today either.
God’s mercy is new EVERY morning. That means we got a fresh batch.
You might not have this, baby.
But HE does.
Stop trying to be the boss and fight alone. Invite Him in to fight with you, right NOW. Give him the reigns and follow Him.
You might be going through ‘hell’ – well, don’t stop here!!
Let Him take you THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death.
You don’t have to be afraid.
He’s with you.

Shout out one person you love and want to encourage with this today!

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  1. Teena

    Wow! What powerful truths!! It didn’t beat me. I’m still here!! Good morning Mercy…

    Shout out to a husband and father who calls himself ‘Sheep’. He professes to be in fear of his wife who abuses him.

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