You CAN Do It!

I heard this AMAZING story, about an Arizona man, named Tom Boyle, who was heading home with his wife after dinner.

He witnessed a man with a suspended license, as he hit and dragged an 18-year-old cyclist over 30 ft. under his car.

Tom jumped out of his pickup and ran toward the car where the boy was trapped and screaming for help.

Without a second thought, he reached down and LIFTED THE 3000 LB. CAMARO high enough for the driver to pull the boy to safety.

The world’s record for a deadlift is only 1155 lbs. How was this even POSSIBLE?

Often, we limit our own abilities and we limit what happens to us because we decide, ahead of time, that it CAN’T happen.

We’re limiting our possibilities. We’re limiting our future. Take the LIMITS OFF of God!

God has all this awesome ability! We can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens us!
• We can START the business!
• GO BACK to school!
• LOSE the weight!
• BEAT the Cancer!
• GET OUT OF debt!
• MAKE the marriage work!
• BREAK the addiction!

We can wake up that DREAM in us that the enemy is trying to block! We can STRETCH our faith, daily. We can BELIEVE God for bigger things.

Why are we LIMITING God?

I believe in YOU and God believes in YOU. You have to start believing in YOURSELF!
You CAN do it!

I want to help you dream BIG!

The Study Guide for the Hi God book releases in about a week and let it help you take the limits off of God!!! You can pre-order it here to get yours FIRST!

But let’s start now – Write something in the comments about that thing that used to seem too much to believe God for. Go ahead…you can do it!

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  1. Barbara Liento

    It’s amazing how God speaks to us. I have been praying to God to help me with a test I’ve been trying to pass. I have failed it three times and just wanted to give up. I woke up this morning thinking about it and thought to myself I’ll try one more time and then I’m done. Unfortunately I woke up with a migraine this morning and I’m afraid to take it. I know all things are possible through Christ!!! I prayed yesterday for a sign to make sure this is still the path I’m supposed to take because I don’t think I can do it anymore. So, thank you for your email this morning because God really does speak to me.

  2. Crystal Jones

    I lost my daughter unexpectedly and I have never been able to cope well during the holidays, her birthday, her date of death etc. I seem to fall into a deep PTSD state. Don’t want to face the day.

    At times I think I am doing good, then a song, noise, word or anything will trigger that time again. It is a real struggle, look at all the recent shootings!

    1. Nicole Crank

      Crystal, you have been through a storm that is making you stronger than you know. Have faith in God and lean into Him during the hard times. I am praying for you!

  3. Myra Dixon

    How to overcome abusive language from your spouse when one time you walked hand-in-hand with God now you find yourself back on drugs my heart so much because I know how good God is and what he brought me out before and I know he’s able to do it again please help pray for me

  4. Theresa Wells

    The area that was hard for me to believe could happen was being totally debt free. I could mentally accept the idea, but couldn’t see how it could come to pass in my life. Whew…thank God for his grace and loving kindness towards us as He builds our mental and spiritual capacity , showing us He is real, and that He really is a Good Good Father. I’m so grateful of how patient He is and how grateful I am for the Holy Spirit who teaches me something daily. I’m excited to say we have one more thing to pay off … our home and we will literally owe no man anything , but to love them.

  5. Tonya

    Thank you for this message today, I’m starting a new business and it’s there to help
    People but proving difficult to help people
    Realize the service I am offering is beneficial
    To them and their family.
    Thank you for helping me remember I can do thing thru Christ!

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