How To Make The Good Things EVEN BETTER!

There are SO many ways to make a good thing better.

And it’s the same with your time with God.

We know it makes us feel better when we get to have that time (FINALLY on some days, like we beat the odds to even get those moments), but why not make it even more enticing?

Get COMFORTABLE! Recline in your favorite chair, curl up in a window seat, throw a quilt over the porch swing or just prop up in bed.

If you don’t have a favorite beverage mug…GET ONE! Something beautiful or wild and quirky that you can claim as your own.

Get a Bible that you love…one with room in the margins to make notes. Have plenty of fun pens and colorful highlighters that you can use to write directly in your bible.

(Yes, it’s okay to write in your Bible. Stop treating it like a “holy relic”.)

And splurge on a notebook or journal that just makes you smile on the inside and keep it handy.

Read a chapter in your Bible. HIGHLIGHT, CIRCLE and RESEARCH anything you don’t understand. (Google is your friend!) Write in your journal about the things that are impressed on your heart or are new concepts to you.

SING SONGS! God loves your little off-key voice!

PRAY with your mouth. LISTEN with your ears. WRITE down anything you think you hear in your spirit.

Read your HI GOD Devotional, OUT LOUD. (shameless plug, why not – it will help take your Hi God time to another level)

Setting aside time to hear from the Creator of the Universe is the most important thing we can do to live a SUCCESSFUL life.

Don’t feel guilty about getting away from the spouse and kids for a few minutes. Make your time SPECIAL and enjoy it!

It’s FUN to talk to God!

“Lord, in the morning you hear my voice. In the morning I pray to you. I wait for you in hope.” Psalm 5:3 (NIV)

I want to know YOUR favorite “God time” ritual. Share your creative ideas with us below.

4 Responses

  1. Julie Walker

    I am a 3rd shift worker, after midnight i say my Lord’s Prayer, praise Him, do inventory of my day; what are the things the Holy Soirit revealed / convicted. .prayers, then i open my bible for reading with His direction, some nights Psalms to praise n pray

  2. Jackie

    It took me a long-time to figure this out! I think I was 45 before I realized that my time with God doesn’t need to feel like another thing on my to-do list. I like to pack a little lunch, take my bible and a blanket and do my study at a local park. There is no house work or kids calling and I get to enjoy a bit of the outdoors, too.

  3. Teena

    I laughed when I got to the “a few minutes” part. Four hours will come and go, and you’ll want to stay longer. It’s okay. Some days, I spend an entire morning with God and it’s hard to leave.

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