My Friends Aren’t Perfect

My friend really bared her soul. To an extent that I king of said, ‘WOW’ when I read some of what she wrote in her book. And when friends are so honest with their pain for the benefit of helping others, I think it’s…brave.

This particular piece isn’t the raw part. But spoke to me. I wanted to share Kim Crabill today as a friend and guest blog. And if this speaks to you, I would get her book.

What is the yardstick against which you measure yourself? Is it the yardstick of God’s truth? Is it the billboard signs or the magazine covers? Or may I carefully wade in and ask, Is it the standard you perceive among those active little church people (a group of which I am a member)? Do they all appear to be happy, perfect Christians?
Oh come on! Who among us will be the first to confess we are not perfect? Who will be first to reject the limits that lie has placed on us?
There are many examples of biblical heroes who could have felt unworthy and limited because of things in their past. Consider the following scriptural examples of God using decidedly imperfect lives. On their own merits, none of these people came from a desirable place of truth. But look at what they would have missed had they not allowed God to complete their lives with His truth.

• Joseph’s place of truth—a bragging, spoiled-brat-turned-slave and ex-con—did not limit him from saving his family (the twelve tribes of Israel and the ancestors of Christ).

• Rahab’s place of truth—a prostitute—did not limit her from playing a pivotal role in helping the Israelites take the Promised Land.

• Esther’s place of truth—a slave girl married to a Gentile—did not prevent her from saving God’s people from an impending massacre.

• Mary’s place of truth—an unmarried peasant girl—did not prevent her from being chosen to be the mother of Jesus.

• Peter’s place of truth—a hotheaded, egotistical fisherman—did not prevent him from becoming the leader of the first church and author of two New Testament letters.

Somewhere along their life journeys, these people faced the truth that they were not OK. And the enemy stepped in with the lie that they were too imperfect, too “not OK” for God to use. But the evidence of their lives tells us that each one of them rejected the lie and instead embraced the truth of the message God gave me: “But you can be!”

What lie has convinced you that you are disqualified for God’s purposes? Ask God to show you a truth in His Word that convinces you of what you can be.

Read Kim Crabill’s journey to hope – and find hope of your own – in Burdens to Blessings. Learn more about Kim and her ministry at www.rosesandrainbows.org.

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