What Are You Looking At Anyway?

Saul was at the top of his game. Successful. Respected. Life was good for him as a top ranking Pharisee.

Well, as good as it can be for a self-righteous mass murderer of Christians. The bible says that ‘every man is right in his own eyes.’ And this sure explained Saul.

Until the day he got knocked to his knees by the light of God and wound up blind for three days.

God will allow us circumstances to grab our attention. In this case, God made His light known to Saul. And the light of God was so bright it caused Saul not to be able to see the outside world for three days.

Scales were on his eyes. I’m guessing his body reacted like that to ‘protect’ Saul’s eyes from any more light, because he couldn’t HANDLE any more light at that moment. God has purpose for everything.

The scales were so think on Saul’s eyes, the only place that he could look was inside himself.

Making Saul aware of the darkness in life that he actually walked in. A darkness he couldn’t see until he took a moment to quit acting on autopilot and let the light of God gain entrance to his soul. A darkness that he would have never escaped if the light and love of God hadn’t penetrated so deeply.

Some of us are scared to look inside

To let the light of God into some of the more private recesses of our hearts. Areas of hurt, anger, or frustration that we have shut Him out of because…because…well, just because.

Maybe because it’s the only way we have ever known and we are SCARED of what happens if we see into that part of ourselves.

But don’t look at who YOU are

What YOU are capable of. How YOU might handle it. Close your eyes to relying on YOU like we always have and do something new.

Look at who GOD is

And the beauty that He is expert at creating out of nothingness. He looked at the dark at said, “Light be.” And it was!

If your life looks dark right now – that is what God can do. He can shine light into the caverns of hurt and sin and fear and say, “Light be. Life be.” And life and light will come.

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