Beware Of Seeing Yourself Through Other People’s Eyes

I started a new job several years ago. There were only a few people on my team. I thought I could easily fit in. Well….

This one guy just wouldn’t crack. He was just – rude.

A few weeks went by and any time I spent trying to be nice just fell of deaf ears. He obviously had enough friends.

Then the team got an email. He was having a problem and wanted team input. He ended the email with, “today, I’m raining on the inside.”

Amy Grant lyrics! (It was the 90’s y’all – my JAM at the time). I emailed him back with the chorus of the song and offering my help.

A minute later my phone rang. He couldn’t believe I offered to help and wanted to know how I knew the song. DUH – Amy GRANT! (millennials are either laughing or confused right now – lol)

He said, “I can’t believe you’re so nice. I thought you hated me!”


That’s the exact thing I thought about him.

We can’t let our happiness be in another man’s head.
It’s nearly impossible to figure out what they are actually thinking.

The way others see us is dependent on how they see themselves.
Which is why our happiness can’t live in another mans head. We ASSUME (dangerous word there) we KNOW what they are thinking…bad things about us. Really they are just worrying that we are thinking bad things about them J

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young.” 1 Timothy 4:12 NLT

Take young and replace WHATEVER word you’re battling. Old. Less educated. Under-funded. Less experienced. Unable. Inexperienced. Dumb. Sick. Ugly. Unworthy. Heavy.
Paul was talking to Timothy. A guy that was OBVIOUSLY young for the job. Forget what you OBVIOUSLY are in the natural and focus on how God is OBVIOUSLY bigger than your shortcoming!!!!


Eyes off us.
Eyes on Him.
Faith off us.
Faith on Him.
Weight off us.
Care on Him.

Promotion doesn’t come from man. It comes from God. Either it’s true (by the way, it’s Bible – Ps 75:6-7), or it’s not.

He’s bigger.
He’s stronger.
He’s able.
He’s willing.
He’s King.
He’s God.
And He’s Your Father.
Eyes off them. Eyes on Him.
They might be able able to test your patience, but they can’t compete with Your God!

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  1. Lisa Ismail

    Praise God! Our focus should always stay in him. In that we will find direction salvation hope love peace faith healing deliverance everything! ! Amen
    God bless you Pastor Nicole

  2. Peggy

    This is interesting timing. I was just assigned homework that requires us (the class) to do a survey asking people to give their opinions about who we are. So, I did it. Most of the feedback is great but there is this ONE comment that said “I don’t know what to think of her.”

  3. Kathy Ronquillio

    I was so blessed to hear this message on Sunday and went up for prayer to ask God to help me see my husband the way God sees him because I have been so crabby and critical and condemning of him (my husband) lately. After reading this again Pastor Nicole, God showed me that the reason for all my anger lately was because I was really angry at myself – even though I tell others God loves them and we’re forgiven by grace – I had been letting voices of condemnation come in and unrelenting as it was, it had taken hold of how I see myself, and so I spewed them out to my husband. Thank you God! I now ask Him for whatever healing and victory over condemnation I need and thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Au'Driann Schroeder

    WOW…that was powerful, and couldn’t have come at a better time. I just read a passage in Romans 8:28 which also helped me deal with adversity. Thank You so much for this, as I know GOD is listening.

  5. Ashley

    Amen. My husband and I were just having this discussion the other day, how God, our God, promotes, not man. This encouraged me, and confirmed or conversation.

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