The Power Of Thankfulness

Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car, all-of-a-sudden, everyone on the freeway is driving that same model? Or, if you’re expecting a baby, you start seeing pregnant women everywhere!

Why is that? What’s going on?

It’s because our eyes are naturally drawn to see what we’re thinking about in our minds.

So, I have to ask. Are we focusing on the twenty-seven amazing things that God did for us today, or are we complaining about a hangnail and our bad hair?

Thankfulness is our key to receiving so much more that God wants to do in our lives. But so often, God gets dissed!

Jesus healed ten lepers, totally cleansing them of all their disease. But, only one bothered to stop, turn around and then ran back to thank Him.

Because of his thankfulness, Jesus gave that guy a huge bonus!

Not only was he cured of the leprosy, but Jesus restored to him all the time, money, job and family he had lost or given up as result of being ill.

The nine others guys just got healed. But, Jesus made the thankful man “whole”!

We, humans, aren’t born to be naturally thankful. In fact, we’re pretty selfish. (Ever try to take a cookie away from a two-year-old? Or even a forty-two-year- old?)

God has done so much stuff for us that we’ve never even bothered to thank Him for.
• Thank you for healing me!
• Thank you for saving me!
• Thank you for forgiving me!
• Thank you for protecting me!
• Thank you for loving me!

Whining and complaining just repels God.But, our thankful attitude attracts God and His favor on our lives.

Let’s find something, today, to be thankful for. We can’t be hateful…and grateful at the same time!

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  1. Kelli Syrigos

    I was presented this way of thinking last week by a friend:

    See the Flowers not the Weeds.

    I am thankful for the green light OR the red light as I can just chill for a moment.
    And then the close parking space because….& then the far parking space for the steps. 🙂

    It can be easy to let the Devil take your mind south but I want to keep my mind and heart headed North!

    “Not today Satan, NOT TO. DAY!”

  2. Secunda Lewis

    Thank you..
    Thankful for ALL God does for me and my family.
    Thankful for you, Pastor Nichole and Pastor David

  3. Wanda Snell

    You are so right we all have to be thankful for what God has done and doing for us every day.
    The minute we open our eyes we should say thank you for the whole day , me and Peter we say thank you for keeping us safe while sleeping and watching over us through out the day.

  4. Emily Sickles

    I started a gratitude journal every morning I write about what I’m thankful for.Keeping the right mind set!

  5. Kyle Hyndman

    HI Pastor Nicole,

    What a great message and so true. We too often neglect to be thankful for all the little things that God has done for us that we push ourselves away from the opportunity that he has for the big things he has in store for us. The wonderful reward and goal he set ahead for us to gain but only if we trust and believe in him, honor, glorify and praise our Lord God in everything. I love what you both and your ministry has done for me and the way The Lord has led me to Faith Church and the wonderful brethren there in WPB. Keep up the great work. God bless until next.
    Thanks be to God!

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