Here’s 60 Seconds To Help With Your Problems

Can the comfort of the familiarity of our current situation – no matter how painful – not be painful enough to make us finally move? Uncomfortable and complaining, but not bad enough to break it off, set it straight, make the change, course correct… Another lap around the mountain??? Or today are you going to SPEAK to the mountain/problem (Mark 11:23)? What do you say to it? •

1- You curse the problem (like Jesus did in Mark 11:14),
2- Have faith in God believing for the solution and breakthrough (Mark 11:22-24)

Get off the nail!!!! Don’t know what that means?? Or want more of this? It’s waiting for you on YouTube ‘Getting out of a Boatload of Problems‘.

It’s going to help you get the pirates of life out of your boat!!!!

C’mon somebody – LOVE GIVES – share this post and help somebody!!!

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  1. Marinda Ferrell

    I am in process of moving and will not make the conference. She is an awesome woman of Christ same as you. God’said blessing upon all of us who are women.

  2. Carla

    I found you quite by “accident” on the BVOVN and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Your way of explaining things had been an inspiration to me and I share your Youtube video with my friends

  3. Deb Hansen

    God is so amazing, I just read your message on this subject and almost fell out of my chair. I have been dealing with some serious issues and was ready to give up when I say your conference on Daystar. Your message gave me hope, and today when I read “Speak to the Mountain”, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had written that in bold letters in my journal over a month ago and would tell myself that each day, to remind myself that Jesus has given us power over our problems. Thank you for the reminder, God Bless you! God’s Word is Amazing! I can go another day and then another, following His Word and knowing I am not walking this path alone.

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