Under MY Tree

I think it’s SO funny that this year’s Christmas Production is called, “Under the Tree”, because that’s one of my favorite places to be…. under MY Christmas tree!

I remember the first time someone told me, to get down on the floor, lay on my back under the tree and look UP at the Christmas lights at night.

I just thought they were CRAZY!

After all, the floor is just TOO FAR DOWN, I’d have to move a bunch of presents and it just seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble…for what?

Boy, was I wrong! It’s MAGICAL!!!

The view from down there is AMAZING! And it’s so PEACEFUL! It’s a place I like to return to, year after year.

Who knew? It had been in my living room all along, but I’d never discovered it because I didn’t know WHERE to look.

Kind of like, when I was first introduced to CHRIST. It was sort of inconvenient. I thought there were going to be too many rules and restrictions on me.

But, once I saw the warmth and beauty of HIS LOVE for ME, it was a feeling that I wanted to return to, time and time again.

I’d like to create a new CHRISTMAS MEMORY with you. I want to introduce you to our Christmas Production, “UNDER THE TREE”.

I want you to experience the SAME kind of magical wonder in your own life. I want you to thoroughly enjoy the warmth and beauty of a season dedicated to the magic that CHRIST’S BIRTH brings to the world!

Will you join me…UNDER THE TREE?

General Admission is just $2 per seat. For show times and tickets, go to http://faithchurch.com/underthetree
Do you have a favorite Christmas memory that took place under YOUR tree? Share your story, below.

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