That Christmas Moment

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked forward to the beginning of the CHRISTMAS SEASON!

When I was a kid, people used to tell me that you had to WAIT until after Thanksgiving. But now that I can make my own decisions, I really start getting in the holiday mood right after Halloween.

But, even with the tree up and the 24-hour holiday music playing on the radio, there’s always a MOMENT when the spirit of Christmas really HITS me!

It happens, when I see people trudging in to watch our Christmas Production, sometimes overwhelmed by the stress of the Holidays. But then, the lights and music go to work on them…and just seem to REVIVE them!

I see their faces start to soften. Something SPARKS down deep inside that you can physically see on the outside. Before it’s over, they’re smiling, laughing and HUGGING the stranger next to them!

That’s the moment for me; when my heart starts to feel FULL, like it’s overflowing with God’s LOVE!

I guess that’s why the Christmas Production always means SO much to me. I CAN’T WAIT to share it with you and your family!

This year, our program is called “UNDER THE TREE”. It’s a magical Christmas Musical about a little boy whose heartfelt prayers inspire the toys under the tree to come to life.

This is a GIFT we give to our city!

I encourage you to bring your friends and family. And for just $2 a ticket, you can invite all the neighbors, too.

Are you as READY as I am to get into the full-blown CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? Don’t miss out on this feeling!
Start your holidays off right. Come witness a real Christmas Miracle with us…UNDER THE TREE!

Get your tickets, TODAY, before they’re all gone! Go to http://faithchurch.com/underthetree

What is it for you, that makes you feel as if the Christmas Season has finally arrived? Will you share your special memories with us, below?

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