Under MY Tree

I think it’s SO funny that this year’s Christmas Production is called, “Under the Tree”, because that’s one of my favorite places to be…. under MY Christmas tree!

I remember the first time someone told me, to get down on the floor, lay on my back under the tree and look UP at the Christmas lights at night.

I just thought they were CRAZY!

After all, the floor is just TOO FAR DOWN, I’d have to move a bunch of presents and it just seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble…for what?

Boy, was I wrong! It’s MAGICAL!!!

The view from down there is AMAZING! And it’s so PEACEFUL! It’s a place I like to return to, year after year.

Who knew? It had been in my living room all along, but I’d never discovered it because I didn’t know WHERE to look.

Kind of like, when I was first introduced to CHRIST. It was sort of inconvenient. I thought there were going to be too many rules and restrictions on me.

But, once I saw the warmth and beauty of HIS LOVE for ME, it was a feeling that I wanted to return to, time and time again.

I’d like to create a new CHRISTMAS MEMORY with you. I want to introduce you to our Christmas Production, “UNDER THE TREE”.

I want you to experience the SAME kind of magical wonder in your own life. I want you to thoroughly enjoy the warmth and beauty of a season dedicated to the magic that CHRIST’S BIRTH brings to the world!

Will you join me…UNDER THE TREE?

General Admission is just $2 per seat. For show times and tickets, go to http://faithchurch.com/underthetree
Do you have a favorite Christmas memory that took place under YOUR tree? Share your story, below.

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  1. Karen Cade

    I was there last night with Family and friends. It WAS the BEST Christmas play Ive EVER seen…my PASTORS DAVID and NICOLE CRANK are ROCKSTARS FOR CHRIST *^*^*^

  2. Vicki Mudd

    I used to lie down on our floor under the tree when I was a child. Not having the best childhood, it was always one of the best places to get away. It was like a little fairy-tale land under there with all the pretty lights and reflections in the Christmas decorations. I haven’t done it or even thought about it in years. Thanks for reminding me. I’m gonna definitely do it again as soon as I get my tree up and decorated.

  3. Rankin

    I thought I was the only one. As a kid I used to sleep under the tree. One time my mother boxed me in with presents. She had to leave an area for me behind the tree. I loved looking up through the branches at thise white lights she always used. It was my favorite part of Christmas. The best gift of all really is under the tree. Thanks for bringing back those lose forgotten memories.

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