Faith For Fishes

The other day, we got a letter informing us that our property taxes were going up 50%. FIFTY PERCENT!!! That’s got to be a mistake! This is CRAZY! We might need to move!

Isn’t it funny how FAST our joy can be stolen?

I immediately called David. In those intense moments, be sure to choose your words CAREFULLY.

I didn’t say, “We CAN’T afford it!” Or, “We’ll NEVER be able to pay this!” Instead, I said, “I really don’t WANT to spend that much money on taxes.”

Then, I remembered what Jesus did when He owed taxes. (That’s why it’s good to go to church and know what the Bible says about everyday life.)

Jesus told Peter to look in the mouth of the first fish that he caught, and there would be enough money to pay the taxes for BOTH of them.

For the record, I’ve NEVER found any money in a fish!

It just illustrates how God has a “plan of escape” for us for every bad situation. Maybe it’s supernatural debt cancellation. Or, maybe He’s going to send extra finances to us to cover that bill.

In any case, we can stop “freaking out” and just trust God. He has PLENTY of everything in Heaven; lots of EXTRA stuff. So much, that it’s coming out of the mouths of FISH!

He’s able to supply ALL our needs. So, don’t worry about it…He’s got it!”

God is not stingy and He’s not mean. He sits in Heaven and LAUGHS at all the stupid tricks the enemy tries to pull on us.

He just wants us to have enough FAITH to laugh, too!

What stupid trick has the enemy tried to pull on you, lately? Tell us how you’re handling it, below.

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  1. I am so full of joy because I know that our Heavenly Father has supplied and met all our needs in Christ Jesus, and when the enemy tries to steal my joy – I just laugh! And this bulletin post has created a joy inside of me, reminding me that ALL IS WELL #Godwillsupply

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