What Is Limiting Your Future?

One of our neighbors has this HUGE terrifying DOG!

Okay…okay….maybe it’s not so big. Maybe it’s actually just a tiny little fur ball. But it does have this ferocious BARK and always lunges aggressively toward us whenever we walk past their house.

The funny thing is that it always STOPS COLD at the edge of the grass and never even tries to come up on the sidewalk.

Hmmm…Invisible underground electric fence! This dog knows his LIMITS!

But here’s the REALLY interesting thing. Even when this dog is in an adjoining yard that DOESN’T have an electric fence, he still won’t risk going out past the edge of the lawn.

So…What’s Stopping Him?

I think he’s so CONDITIONED to his limits that he’s afraid to take the risk and venture out any further…especially if there’s any possibility he might get HURT!

Sometimes we can get comfortable living within our own invisible walls of SELF-IMPOSED limits.
• Our lack of EDUCATION
• Being born on the “WRONG side of the tracks”
• Worried about what “THEY” said about us

When we accept a life with LIMITS we’re accepting a life LESS than what God wants for us!

We serve an INFINITE unlimited God! BELIEVE for the impossible and move forward doing the improbable!

“You will also know the unlimited greatness of his power as it works with might and strength for us, the believers.” Ephesians 1:19 (GW)

We were not created to be CONTAINED. But we were created to EXPAND, to live a BOLD life beyond what we can imagine!

Are we going to live for COMFORT or live for our CALL?
With the arrival of the new year, let’s do things a little differently in 2016, let’s unleash HIS extraordinary power in us and take the LIMITS off GOD!

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