Who’s Good Enough Anyway?

I bet you’re like me and you feel small, insignificant, like you aren’t making a difference and some of the chances you’ve gotten in life you didn’t deserve and may have even wasted.

Am I reading your mail? I’m reading you MY mail.

Sooooooo many times I don’t FEEL worthy of getting to do what I do. Helping people like I do. Why would God pick somebody like me? He should pick someone….older, wiser, more educated. Someone….better. Someone more….worthy.

I was reading in the Bible today about how Israel needed help – bad. The person that was willing to help them was named Rahab. And she was a prostitute.

They needed cover. They needed information. They needed an ally. And in return, when the rest of the city was demolished and taken captive, the person that helped them would be safe and all of their family would be preserved and kept from harm.

I’m sure there were several religious leaders, educated men, and wise city leaders of the day that God was nudging on in their spirit. But none of them were willing to do the job, for whatever reason.

Maybe because they were scared of what other people would say. Maybe because they had worked too hard to get where they were to make a change like this now. Maybe the promise of blessing wasn’t enough. Maybe they were too wrapped up in how good life was right then to carve time out to hear God whispering to them.

Whatever the case, God used a prostitute.
Rahab wasn’t worthy. She was willing.

And that is how you and I qualify for – EVERYTHING.
God doesn’t choose you for your worthiness. He chooses you for your willingness.

Who is ‘worthy’ anyway. Everybody screws up. Everybody sins. Everybody makes mistakes. So what is this auspicious goal that not a single human can live up to that makes us all fell small and unusable?

The question is:
Are you willing to go? Are you willing to obey? Are you willing to be healed? Are you wiling to receive his blessing? Are you willing to do what looks like opposition but God knows is opportunity?

If God asks YOU right now, are you WILLING? It doesn’t matter if you think someone else deserves the chance more. If someone else has been ‘waiting’ longer. If someone else looks more qualified to you. I am asking you this one simple question.

Are You Willing?

And if the answer is yes, get ready. God is wild. What He will ask is unusual. How He asks can be interesting. His timing is boggling. His faith in us is blinding. And His blessing after is beyond imagination.

He blessed Rahab beyond what we think the God of the universe should bless a street-walking prostitute. He not only protected and blessed her family and property. He also blessed her with a husband – Salmon of the tribe of Judah. She was mother of Boaz. Making her great-grandmother of King David and a blood ancestor to Jesus!

I’m not sure exactly what royal blessing God has lined up for you. But I do know this, it is a lot greater than you think you are worthy of. That’s just how good our God is to the willing. Are YOU willing???? Give me an amen if it’s YES!

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