Has This Happened To You?

When I was 22 years old I had a problem with my dry cleaner, or so I thought. I pulled my wool business pants suits out of the closet while I was getting ready for work one fall morning. I tried on a pair of pants and thank God they weren’t too tight (victory!), but they were about two inches too short.

Stupid dry cleaner shrunk my pants. So I tried another pair. And they shrunk. And another pair, they shrunk! The stupid dry cleaner shrunk ALL my fall pants!

After I realized EVERY pair was too short and every jacket still fit. I started getting suspicious. I pulled out a tape measure, marked my height on the wall and….I had grown TWO inches! At 22 years old! Unheard of!

Sometimes You Grow When You Don’t Even Know

We don’t even know how much we have grown in the spirit until something comes along that causes us to mark it.

Until there is a test of strength, a measure of faith needed, or something that causes us to note where we are now and how that compares to where/how/who we have been the past: we might not even realize the spiritual growth in our lives.

You’re bigger than you think you are in Him. You’ve come farther than you realize you have. You’ve covered more ground and retained more teaching than you give yourself credit for.

Just because there hasn’t been a reason or a method to measure it, as you pursue God and the things of God you grow. It’s unavoidable. It just happens.

You might be thinking, “But I’m not THERE yet. I haven’t arrived.” Most of us aren’t where we want to be YET, but we sure aren’t where we used to be! We have to celebrate the progress along the way!
And sometimes growth happens at times you didn’t even think it was possible, like as a 22-year-old growing two inches. Unlikely? Sure. But it happened anyway.

You can grow even when you think you can’t. And I believe as you read this today, you are growing right now. A mind stretched can never return to it’s original size.

You’ve seen over the fence. You know it’s possible. And now EXPECT the manifestation.

You’re growing out of your spiritual pants (in a good way) and the God of the angel armies is at work on the inside of you RIGHT NOW.
I pray and confess over you today that you are in a GROWTH SPURT. You are growing on the inside. Your spirit man is getting stronger. You are growing in faith. Your wisdom is increasing. Your influence is expanding. Your thoughts are becoming more like His. Heaven is applauding and hell is nervous because you my friend are seeking after Him and finding Him and latching onto Him like never before! In Jesus name! Can I get an ‘amen’?!

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