You Haven’t Been Set Back…You’ve Been Set Up!

You Haven't Been Set Back...You've Been Set Up!

In my early twenties, I landed the job of “Local Marketing Director” for a BIG Fortune 500 company. I thought I was on TOP of the world!

But, the abusive man I was divorcing knew where I worked. I was FORCED to quit my “dream job” and go into hiding, for my own safety.

Matter of fact, I had to STEP BACK from the professional world, altogether, and GIVE BACK everything I’d worked so hard for.

At the time, I was CRUSHED! It was a huge SETBACK in my checkbook, on my resume and for my career.

Setback Or Set-up?
But if I’d stayed in that job, I probably NEVER would have met David.

After 16 years of marital bliss, I have to admit, he’s one of the BEST things that ever happened to me!

If I hadn’t met David, chances are, I wouldn’t have ended up going into MINISTRY.

Your Comeback
In God’s plan, I have an AMAZING son that is developing into a pastor, and a TALENTED daughter that is blossoming into a worship leader.

This past weekend, I walked onto a stage in front of a crowd of THOUSANDS and had to ask, “God, WHY do all these people want to hear from ME?”

I don’t know what you’re going through, but I DO know this:

The very thing we fear to be a setback is actually God’s big SET UP for our “God-sized” COMEBACK!!!

Prayer For Today
God, sometimes in the moment, things look hard and we can’t see your victorious plan working in our lives.

Give us the encouragement to walk with bold faith and follow you straight to that “Jeremiah 29:11” destiny that you have planned for us! Amen!

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  1. Angie Jones

    I believe in the words in Jeremiah 29:11 and I believe in the promises found in the bible and I am ready for God’s comeback! With God for me who and what can be against me!! : )

  2. kathy lavely

    Oh, Nicole you are wonderful, person and you give some very inspiring sermons or lessons. Thanks for the work of encouragement. I am older than you but have worked all my life, went to school at nights married having three children. Finally, making the best salary I every made. We had a business doing well. Now at the age of 50 I am looking around and its all gone and now I just applied for food stamps. wow. this is not the goals I set or worked so hard for. So your words are very encouraging and it helps me keep my faith. I do still have that. My family looks at me like I am crazy and say I am just like my father to up beat and believing in fairy tales. So, I am in cross way not knowing which path to take and waiting for god to show me the way. I don’t want the awful corporate life again. I don’t want the hate and the competition. but, I know I need to find something to provide for my family. I just at a loss. But I do want to send you words of encouragement because you are great and Women like us need your inspiration. God bless and keep up the great work. In Jesus name we pray for you to carry on the great work. AMEN

  3. Kathy Ronquillio

    I really needed to hear that. My husband lost his job in April, my son and his two kids moved in and I’ve never worked so much in my life! 2013 has been one of the toughest years yet. Just recently my husband lost his unemployment as well and I’ve been praying to God desperately for help to follow Him where He’s leading me. I’m a musician and piano teacher and feel blessed to have 4 jobs all in music but I feel like God is leading me in a direction which is a completely different focus. Something stable for my family.
    Thanks for sharing your struggle, joy and incredible faith filled vision!

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