Are You Afraid of Being Alone?

Years ago, I was in a horrible, abusive relationship. I’m here to tell you, that being alone beats a bad relationship EVERY TIME!

I would much rather be lonely ALONE, than be lonely WITH somebody. Am I right?

So, don’t be afraid of being alone. “Alone” is just a transitional period.

If we HOLD ON to something in our hand, we can’t pick up anything else until we finally let it go. Then, our hand is OPEN so we can receive something NEW into our life.

So, if we’re holding on to friends that don’t really value us, or if we’re holding on to people that aren’t good for us…we know we’ve got to make a CHANGE.

We’ve got to LET THEM GO! Why were we drawn to those folks in the first place?

We all have work to do in the area of relationships.

  • We need to work on ourselves. (Me too!)
  • Get rid of those wrong relationships.
  • And don’t start backing up. We need to get ourselves OUT THERE!

Get out there and build some strong, positive, new relationships. Join a bowling league, start a book club or play on a softball team. Get around places that have great people in them.

It’s much easier if you belong to a church.

It’s all about finding common ground. There are probably people in your phone contacts that you already share a common interest with.

Just text them, and tell them how you REALLY feel about them. “Thanks, for being such a good friend when I was going through that bad time.”

Find COMMON GROUND and then show that you CARE. That’s the way to build strong friendships and never EVER feel alone again!


What kind of things are you interested in? Do you have any unusual hobbies or talents? I’d really like to know.

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  1. Mandy Mitchell

    OH MY GOSH!!! I have been struggling with this for the past few weeks! I am relocating to Texas (where I have always wanted to be) and was going to stay here instead (to hold on to a bad relationship)….THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS!

  2. Tina Boone

    AMEN AMEN 🙏🏻

    Being alone is ABSOLUTELY better than being with someone who is bad for you! No one deserves to be miserable.

    God is ALWAYS with us! We may feel or be alone in the physical realm but God is by our side through EVERYTHING!!

  3. Tracy

    I started following you and listening to all the sermons from Faith Church after I heard you at the Women’s Conference at Redemption in Greenville, SC.

    I grew up in a pastor’s Home and have been in church my entire life. Due to circumstances in my life and the type of church I grew up in I had horrible self-esteem and felt worthless.

    This of course, didn’t bode well for the choices I made when I began dating and after college especially. However, God is faithful. I’ve been married to my husband for 25 years and that’s great, but I still sometimes struggle with that self-esteem and also with wanting attention.

    It has come very close, at times, to getting me in a big mess. It doesn’t help that I can talk to anybody and everybody!

    This was a very timely and great reminder for me! I love how God always brings the right word at the right time.

    Thank you for your willingness to share your life story so openly. My experiences may be different, but I somehow feel God pushing me to share my experiences in some way and I’m seeeking Him for wisdom and guidance.

  4. Norma Jean Caisle

    Hi Nicole ! Great article. Do you & focus on God & what he draws out of us & reach to better ourselves & live a quality life. Focus on myself ! I know I am not ready for a relationship but with my Father God to settle me & help me get my life put back together again. Coming out of a transition. Encourage the wirlcd around us . Blessing !

  5. Sutha

    Soo amazing, just suffering I have Brocken up with my long term boy friend. The reason got had spoken to me to come out of it .. my relationship hasn’t grown anywhere last 4 years. I couldn’t come close to god the way he wanted to me. He was emotionally abusing me. But I pray & with all the blessing said good bye to him. Than you soo much for this wonderful msg🙏🏽Was. Uplifting me. Sometimes I feel a lonely even tho I know I am not alone god is with me but ..I am just a lady after long day work I felt bit down. But thank soo much & god bless you 🙏🏽🙏🏽Amen

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