At the End of Your Rope?

When Austin was about three years old, I was a single mom. I remember, that I had TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS to buy our groceries for the entire week.


I knew, if I could find a store that was selling hamburger on sale for 99 cents, I could buy three pounds and that would feed the two of us for seven days. I scoured the ads with my coupons and calculator, until I found the best deal.


I was always adding everything up and calculating the tax, because I never wanted to get to the cash register and have to put something BACK. (That’s embarrassing!)


That was a different time in my life. There was nothing wrong with it. That’s where I came FROM.  That’s been part of my journey.


If that sounds like your story, it’s OK. “Like” where you came from. Don’t be ashamed of it. OWN IT…it’s what made you who you are, today!


We could still manage to be happy living like that, but, thankfully, God doesn’t LEAVE US there.


If you’re at the end of your rope and thinking of letting go…that’s GREAT!


God has been WAITING for you to realize that you can’t do this on your own. When we finally come to the end of what WE can do, then God is free to take over and do what HE CAN DO!


If we’ll stop hanging on to our silly pride and let God pick up the slack in our lives…He has a BETTER life in mind for us!

He is the author and the finisher of our faith, and He’s NOT FINISHED with us yet!


Has God helped you through something that made you STRONGER in the end? What was it?


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  1. Donnetta J. Williams

    When I finally got tired of myself and my pride I was able to start my journey with God. I’m so glad that you confirm that it’s OK not be OK. That is the greatest lesson I am learning.

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