Clarify & Define

Do you ever questioned how you’ve gotten to where you’re at in life? Or have you wondered why?

There’s no better time than the present to clarify and define what you feel you were supposed to do with your life.

It requires a lot of articulation and examining your goals for your future.

Whenever I have a new dream or vision for my future I get out a brand new notebook and then begin to map out and describe to myself what I feel in my heart.

One of the greatest feelings I get is looking back over those notebooks and thinking, “Hey, I did that!”

Smartphones are great but sometimes having 10 pieces of paper can allow you to paint your future with great clarity.

What you clarify today can become reality tomorrow by re-examining your current goals and priorities and making sure they have you on the fast track to your dreams.

This can help you to prune out the things in your life that distract you from your goals. You can weed out the negative influences, the time sucking tasks, activities, things or people that steer you every direction except towards your goals.

There’s nothing more depressing than watching people with great potential sit back and not take the proverbial “bull by the horns”.

What are you doing about your future? Your dreams? Your goals?

You can start by scratching them out on a piece of paper. I’d like to encourage you to make that your first commitment to yourself today.

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