Deer In The Road

The buck was given a GIFT. He can’t help it. Those big, beautiful, magnificent horns growing out of his head put a big target on his back.

His God-given GIFTING, puts him in more danger.

We always want the gifting, but we never seem to want what comes with it. We want all the privileges, but not the RESPONSIBILITY.

Did that just get too real?

Everybody wants the promotion. But no one wants to get there early, stay late and WORK HARDER.

Lots of people want to get married and have an incredible and loving relationship. But no one really wants to put someone else FIRST all the time.

We all want our kids to be the smartest, fastest, most recognized, most fulfilled and happiest. But who REALLY has time to give them everything they need to make all of that happen?

We’d all like to hear from God, be led by God and walk in the blessings of God. But do we spend enough TIME and conversation with Him to allow Him to talk.

He’s a “quality time” guy, you know! 🙂

So if you’re blessed to get a gifting SO BIG that people actually stop and recognize it, are you willing to shoulder the added work and responsibility that comes with the privilege?

Are you prepared for the potential dangers?
Because, everybody knows that HATERS are gonna HATE! That just comes with the territory!

Have you ever been treated badly by someone who was jealous of your talent or position? Tell us about it, below.

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