Do You Want It Back?

Do You Want It Back?

Have you ever had the enemy STEAL something valuable from you?

  • A relationship?
  • An investment?
  • Your health?

“Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold…” Proverbs 6:31 (NKJV)

Relax! Not only will God get all your stuff BACK, but He’ll make the thief pay SEVEN times!

Satan’s Really After Our Joy
“Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10 (NKJV)

The devil knows that if he can take our joy, even over something SMALL, then he can sap all our strength, too.

It may be a “bad hair day” when our spouse starts fussing. Then to top it off…the car won’t start!

  • If we lose our JOY then we lose our strength.
  • If we have no STRENGTH then we can’t resist the devil.
  • If we can’t resist the devil then he’ll NEVER flee from us!

Joy Is A Powerful Spiritual Force!
The Bible says to give God a “sacrifice of praise”.

How, you may ask, could praise be a SACRIFICE?

But praise is REALLY a sacrifice when the devil attacks us and we just don’t FEEL like it!

Let’s Do It Anyway!
Remember, if the devil can’t steal our joy then he can’t KEEP our stuff.

God doesn’t ask us to lift our hands and praise Him BECAUSE something was stolen from us.

He asks us to praise Him in SPITE of it all!

10 Responses

  1. this reading was all for me we tried to make lots ob business when we come to end the deal we lose the deal and we are in big debts cause satan has power but he is a liar and JEsus is going to restore what is stolen cause we pray alot and am tired now God bless and pls keep us in prayer so we be restored.

  2. TB

    Thanks Pastor Nicole, I have been going through some stuff and my joy was stolen by the devil…. But I have regained my strength from the word and will continue to pray and fight this devil.. I thank you soooo much for your powerful word and anointing… I Love my church and My Pastors…. The Cranks

  3. Mia

    Thanks Nicole. These words came in perfect timing. I’m very thankful, and grateful, because this story described what had been burdening me. From relationships to decisions I’ve made. Thanks for helping communities of people grow.

    Songwriter-known as Mi’Ahni

  4. Ms. Tina

    Hello Everyone,
    This is truly a message from God, I do want my things back I have been going though some rough time and looking for a better position, while I complete my Masters; I go to the bread store to smell the fresh breads, cakes, cookies, cherry pies and more while enjoying K-She 95 my station in high school, as I purchase my bread a very nice man comes in and pay two lofts and comment on my cherry pie.
    Leaving the bread store I notice there was a club on my car the first thing to come to my mind is that the people next to me made a mistake, well to my surprise the nice man with the two lofts of bread know my name and he was the one to place the club on my car; he came to repo my car!!!!! This has never every in my 53 yrs of living happen to me before!!!!!
    Well I have been reading Kevin Gerald’s book Mind Monsters (I must state that this is a great read), and coming to church every Sunday (Shout out to my family and friends at Earth City 11:45 service) and paying my titles so I know something good is going to come out of this what and when I not sure, but I know I have a dream that will come true.
    The biggest thing I am sad about I had promise myself not to miss church and to be more involved and I was doing well in keeping my promise, well now I will be missing church in the person, yet be there at 8:00am on ch 30 on Sundays and online until I come up with $800 dollars (and I was all most done paying on my care Wow) and get my car back; but I will stay happy and keep holding on to God’s Promise which states “he will never leave me nor forsake me” unsure of the scripture.

    Praying for all that reads Pastor Nicole’s sites,
    Ms. Tina

    1. Ms. Tina

      Hello Everyone,
      Here is my up date on the Greatness of our Father, I still do not have my car back yet, but I have to share what our Father is doing right now because of this situation ( He is Soooooo Goooood!!!) I have been looking over my credit score and I learned someone has been jacking my credit up and I mean UP!!!!! Will because our Father stated that “No weapon form against me will prosper” is so true. God has saved me $5,6666.00 that someone had done and I was able to clear up THannk YOu Lord Thank you Father I am on my way to the next step in my life. I will have my Masters soon in Organizational Management/ Organizational Leadership and God has Cleared my Name.
      Thank you Lord for all that reads Pastor Nicole’s site,
      Ms. Tina

  5. Jackie Blaha

    There are times we lose friendship for whatever reason. There are those that have hurt us repeatively and we realize that friendship wasn’t real to begin with. That is disheartening. There is a blessing that it ended but no less a lose. There are those that aren’t able to be your friend when you lose a child. Can not say it is for lack of words.When a friend takes advantage of our good nature you realize you put your efforts into the hands of the devil. Life is an eye opener and journey. Just have to let go and let God. Move forward and realize the devil is crafty but our Lord is stronger. Jackie

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