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  1. Lisa

    Perfect word, perfect timing. Sometimes I get lost trying to be the encourager to all around me, I don’t even realize how loud the “dinger” is going off inside me saying , “Better refuel soon…Like NOW”!!! Thanks for the pickup today. Much needed. Hugs and Blessings

  2. Phyllis Buckowitz

    Yes it does seem like my days start out ok but end in disappointment , sadness and just like its not getting better. It’s always one crisis after another. I do read scripture. I do pray. But always being joyful and putting my faith in our Lord comes hard. Please pray for me! Have a blessed day

  3. Angie Jones

    I will be strong! I will have courage! I will walk by faith and not by site. I will follow the whispers of God for with him all things ARE possible.

  4. Katreena

    Sometimes the day ends worse than it started. Ever have a cancer diagnosis? That’s ruin your day, no matter how cute your hair looks. Have some mercy on people who are having hard times. Stop implying that they could have done something to prevent it, just by having a positive attitude.

  5. Brooke

    I really needed this right now because i have been very fearful lately in life and worried about if i am going in the right direction of where God wants me to go but how dare I question GOD about if i am going in the right direction when i prayed and prayed for the direction and he led me to this new job that i have gotten but as we all know it is very hard and uncomfortable to start a new job and so i was having a hard time and still do sometimes and doubt that i should be there but this message by nicole spoke to me so much that i started crying and i mean sobbing. I KNOW GOD PUT ME WHERE I AM AND I NEED TO BE STRONG AND HAVE FAITH AND NOT BE DISCOURAGED AND LET THE DEVIL TELL ME I CANT DO IT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH NICOLE FOR LETTING GOD SPEAK THROUGH YOU TO GET THAT MESSAGE TO ME.

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