Don’t Count Yourself Out

God uses the foolish to confound the wise. Your PAIN is probably what God will use as your PLATFORM.

Remember, your past DOES NOT define your future.  Your past just prepares you.Don’t count yourself out!

If you had told me in the 90’s that I would be a pastor of a large megachurch, speaking to thousands every week….I would have thought you were CRAZY! 

Don’t you know my history? 

Recently, it was my great pleasure to be interviewed by Dr. Steve Greene of the Charisma Podcast Network. We talked about the Hi God” book, my personal journey as a woman in a leadership role and balancing family and work.

Enjoy the podcast!

Click here to listen.

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  1. kimberly fielder

    God uses the foolish to confound the wise. Your PAIN is probably what God will use as your PLATFORM.

    Remember, your past DOES NOT define your future. Your past just prepares you.Don’t count yourself out!

    Wow, to the above and amen

  2. Kalynn

    I want to thank you for this message. Thank you for listening to the Lord on writing this. Your faithfulness and obedience has helped me so much today. This message came to me when I needed a confirmation and reminder from the Lord of His faithfulness. It literally reiterated some of what the Holy Spirit spoke to me yesterday. It then led me to listen to your podcast which then made me search for more of your sermons on YouTube. Now I’ve listened to you before. I love that you and David are now on BVOVN , but the Lord had a plan with all this today. When I searched for more of your messages on YouTube I came across your sermon on the mind, on the brain, (where you wore your karate outfit) and it not only helped to hear this about the brain again, but it truly was the word the Lord was speaking to me. I guess I’m just praising Him for how faithful He is with me, how faithful I see He’s been in your life and how inspired I am in seeing you being faithful to what and where He’s leading and has led you in your life. Thank you Nicole!

  3. Evie Anderson

    Pastor Nicole,

    I, once again, want to Thank you so much, I love your book and I am working on the workbook that I had gotten sometime this past month. My body is in a bit of trouble due to an illness that is hurting my liver and killing my brain. So I write a lot now because there are days that I wake up and find out that it’s Friday and when I went to bed I swore it was Monday. I do not like it when it happens on Sunday because I love coming to Church. The Church alive is worth the drive, one of the people who was at my baptism, You and Austin were there and Angela with the Red hair was there. I called her and told her I was in a pretty bad car accident and she recommended I call Palm Tran, so now, 6 months later I am coming back to Sunday service. I am learning how to talk to people again and come out of my shell. It’s uncomfortable at times, but, it is not always about being comfortable.

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