Don’t Let The Numbers Throw You

The number of people does not necessarily and dictate the amount of impact.

Sometimes the impact made in one persons life is what actually fuels your soul, the rest of the church, the rest of the organization.

A heroin addict that puts down the drugs. Someone suicidal decides life is worth living. A mom or a business person that realizes that God does have a destiny and purpose for them and they go from wanting to die to wanting to live.

Watching a broken family become whole again. Watching a broken person become whole again.

It’s easy to count dollars, or people, or whatever else your business school has taught you to count.
But that doesn’t always equal impact.

If your impact number is high, don’t worry – everything else will usually fall into place.
If your impact number is low, what are you counting – and why? Is it measuring your ‘true’ impact?

Oh yeah, impact doesn’t always show up in a balance sheet or a tally total. Impact isn’t something you can usually measure until later.

So don’t let the numbers throw you. Just keep moving forward.

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  1. Vikki

    Hi Nicole, I don’t want to leave a comment as much as I would like to know how to get myself to your church. I have never been a big fan of organized religions because they always seem to put everyone down and contantly shouting how we are all sinners. I don’t consider myself a sinner. I consider myself just a regular woman that feels very broken right now and can’t seem to get my life together. I pray constantly to our LORD and ask him to show me the way and to help me be the best person I can be. But I still feel like I’m not whole yet. I can’t seem to find happiness in myself or my life right now. I feel very lonely and empty and sad and like I said broken. Very, very broken. It’s like I just want to break down and cry and have someone hold me. I am and always have been a bit of a loner (upbringing by alcoholic parent) so it’s hard for me to make friends. I want to instantly trust everyone I meet but it always seem they end up showing me a side that tells me I should never have trusted them in the first place and then revert back to being a loner. You don’t get hurt as often when you don’t let anyone into your life. But it gets lonely too. I have seen you on television on the late evenings when I can’t sleep. I keep thinking I want to come into your church and listen to all you have to say but I can’t seem to get up the courage. Can you help please? Thank you, Vikki

    1. Nicole Crank

      Vikki, you would so fit in at Faith Church! 🙂 Everyone one does. Sometimes because of our past we build walls. Those walls keep out the bad, but…..They also keep out the good. God has some great friends for you! He has great plans for you! Don’t let fear stop you from the very thing that’s going to change your life! 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you! Come next Thursday?

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