Drop The Negativity!

We have to visualize something GOOD happening, instead of something BAD happening!

God can do what he said he’s going to do but you and I have to DROP THE NEGATIVITY and imagining things that are never going to happen.

THE DEVIL IS A LIAR and a lot of people are brought into our life to cast false vision and lies saying, “THIS is as far as you’ve ever made it and you’ll never make it any further than THIS!”

Don’t be limited to your natural ability when God has endowed you with the gift of visualization on the inside of you.

In Genesis 30:27-43 Laban agrees to give Jacob any of the livestock that was streaked, speckled or spotted. Jacob puts streaked branches into the water troughs where the animals mate. The animals visualize the streaks and then give birth to streaked young. Jacob’s portion of the herd increases. If visualization can work with animals it can work with YOU!

Jacob’s situation is also an example of taking the hand he’s dealt and working with it in faith. God can work with anything and it’s NEVER too late. Don’t limit God!

You’ve got to close your eyes and say, I’m not limited to my past, so I’m going to visualize my future!

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