Hanging On By a Thread

When I was young, I married a man that I LOVED. I thought, for sure, that he loved me, too. He cried when I walked down the aisle. I thought everything was going to be SO wonderful!


I couldn’t see that my whole life was about to be skewed and totally MESSED UP!


I didn’t know

• That he was going to develop a crack cocaine problem. 
• That he was going to break my rib and herniate a disc in my neck.
• That he was going to steal my car from the parking lot, while I was at work.
• That he was going to clean out our house and sell all of our furniture to the crack dealers for cash to buy more drugs.


He broke MULTIPLE restraining orders! He STALKED me! I received DEATH THREATS! At one point, he even put a GUN TO MY HEAD!

I was SCARED!!!


He hurt my heart and my emotions SO BADLY, that I had to take anxiety medication.


WOW! When I got out of the will of God, I didn’t realize how FAR OUT I was. It seemed like I was watching, helplessly, as my life was being devoured by the enemy!


Maybe, you’ve been through a divorce or another kind of painful breakup.  


Maybe, you feel like you’ve had your feet knocked out from under you…like you’ve LOST CONTROL and you’re just hanging on by a thread.


God WILL NOT leave you there!


If we’ll take one step closer to God, He will take TEN STEPS toward us! Like a GOOD FATHER, He’s waiting for us with open arms!


He will give us a NEW LIFE, again! With Him…WE WILL RISE!!!


We’re just 4 WEEKS AWAY from the start of our Annual Women’s Conference in St. Louis, and I’m getting really excited!

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  1. Michelle Fontenot

    I thank God for your testimonies Pastor Nicole, I went through a similar situation and God brought me out, he’s faithful and true, and he is a present help in times of trouble

  2. Elizabeth Elliott

    Thank you for this message today Pastor Nicole because that’s exactly how I feel today,how I’ve felt for the past month. Like I’m holding on by a thread and I’m ready to just cut it and let go. Thank you for reminding me of God’s Love. I’m not there yet, but I know I’ll be okay. I love you and Pastor David, the entire Pastoral staff always a Word, The Word Right on TIME!!!! Thank you

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