Hurricane Mouth!

At home, I have one of those little Google machines that you can just TALK to. I can tell it what I want, and it finds it, orders it and has it shipped right to my doorstep. (Pretty amazing!)

Google will order EXACTLY what I say. I have to be sure that I’m saying the RIGHT thing, or else, my mouth could get me into trouble and I’d have to return something that I didn’t really want.

Do we really WANT what WE SAY, or is our mouth just causing trouble?

  • It’s SO easy to talk about the problem, right?
  • “They just have it in for me!”
  • “They’re always talking bad about me!”
  • “They’re just an idiot!”
  • “They’re not even worth my time!”

YIKES! What kind of hurricane did we just stir up with our mouth?

That wind coming out of that BIG HOLE in our face has the power to create devastating storms in our life.

If God gave us EVERYTHING we SAID today…would we be happy? Well, NO! A lot of us would be deeper in depression.

When we speak about what’s happening in the moment, we’re giving the “problem” more power!

Instead, we need to take back the power and talk TO the “idiot”.

  • “You don’t know it, but you’re about to become a huge blessing in my life!”
  • “You think you don’t like me, now, but God is turning everything around for my good!”

We need to RESIST the storm.

The next time that urge arises to say WHATEVER we feel, we have to batten-down those hatches and button-up our LIP!

Lookout! Here it comes again…“Hurricane Mouth”!!!
Be truthful, and ask yourself, “Has my mouth affected where I am today?”
This is a safe haven! We can share our thoughts and post our honest confessions, here!

6 Responses

  1. Julie Walker

    Oh Yes, i should’ve read this prior to starting my day after praising God for His Blessings. Then BAM, an offense happened; did I hear the Holy Spirit say(let it go)? I have improved; and I’m still transforming…My God is Bigger, may I trust His plans. I simply asked’ is this statement in writing/policy before it is written in my employment record? Renewing Hurricane Mouth

  2. Teena

    Oh my!

    I’ve corrected me saying stuff like ‘I can’t stand…’, ‘I’m sick of…’, and ‘That burns me…’
    but you revealed a new one I recently picked up, ‘They’re always talking bad about me’ or ‘why am I always the bad guy’.

    Thanks Nicole! God does turn everything to our good, but it’s best to not create it for ourselves. That’s being double-minded! Oh my!

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