If They Don’t Grow, They Don’t Go

People who really care about you will continue to grow with you.

I often say, “The people that can’t grow with you can’t go with you!”

So many times I see organizations, marriages, and all sorts of relationships holding on to some “pretend” relationship that really isn’t there anymore.

Always remember, a good relationship and partnership has everything to do with respect and commitment to one another. If ONE person is contributing to the success of the team and the other person is NOT, it’s going to FAIL in the long run.

As hard as it might be, recognize the change in the relationship and take the appropriate action.

“Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them…” Matthew 7:12

This would include not allowing them to remain in the situation, when setting them free will not only free YOU up, but will set them free to get onto a more appropriate path for themselves.

Staying in a situation too long is like trying to drive a boat with a floating anchor in the water. It allows you to keep forward momentum, but there is so much drag that you’re burning considerable energy just to keep a decent rate of speed!

Whether in business, friendships, family, activities, or relationships, assess the situation, recognize the changes that are needed, cut that “anchor” loose, and give your forward momentum a boost in horsepower!

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  1. AMEN. me and my husband have pretended for quite some time that we were committed to our relationship, you know, social standards and all… it took some serious guts to be honest with each other about how we felt and where our hearts truly lay. mine is with building my home business and getting my degree in Alternative Medicine and his heart yearns to travel. we love each other very deeply, so much so, that we’ve allowed one another the freedom to chase our dreams and goals. we hope that some day we are brought back together, more complete and happy in our hearts. if not, well shoot, at least we followed our hearts! 🙂

    1. Nicole Crank

      Holly, what God puts together nothing can tear apart. 😉 I’m glad you are both taking time to pursue your dreams. After all, God gave you each other to support the other. 🙂

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