Inch By Inch…It’s A Cinch!

When our very own, Pastor Morgan, decided to become Pastor Morgan Glenn, she got a really GREAT DEAL on her wedding dress and veil. (No, she didn’t buy it used off of Craigslist!)

In fact, it came from one of the nicer bridal stores in town. But, she was able to save 20% off the listed price. That amounted to about $250. Woo Hoo! (You can buy a lot of rice to throw for $250.)

How did she do it, you may ask? Well it was extremely complicated.


As a good steward of the ministry, she was accustomed to negotiating and always speaking up and asking for a LOWER PRICE whenever possible.

Sometimes, the answer is “no”. But you’d be surprised, how often it’s “YES”!

Just a little here…and a little there, can make a HUGE difference at the end of the year in our personal finances. Inch by inch…it’s a cinch!

We should be INTERESTED in the interest we pay.

  • What rate does our credit card charge?
  • Which cards are we currently paying off?
  • What rate is our house at? ARM? Fixed?
  • What rate is our car at? Financed for how many years?

These little daily decisions can mean everything! It’s not too late to start making small adjustments, NOW!

My husband wrote a great book called, “Solving Your Money Problems”, which contains all kinds of practical advice on how to get out of DEBT and live the life of your dreams.

If we can demonstrate to God that we can be trusted with the small stuff, He’s ready to give us so much MORE! (Matthew 25:21)

Give us your BEST money saving tip. You can share, below.
David Crank’s book about godly, personal finances is available at SolvingYourMoneyProblems.com.

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  1. Rita

    When you buy the Kirkland brand at Costco (their brand name) most of the time it is the same as the name brand a whole lot cheaper or the same quality. They take a lot of pride in their name brand.

  2. Mandi

    Hmm, best money saving tip? For me that would be pulling out EXACTLY how much I need for groceries (just necessities, you know, veggies, proteins, frozen fruit for smoothies…) and sticking to it. Then I’ll go home and batch cook a few days worth of meals so I know what I’m eating and when, i.e., no need for a Chipotle or rotisserie chicken run! Keeps you and your wallet healthy and fit 🙂

    Lots of love PN! <3

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