When I was younger I used to wake up REALLY early. I have since gotten over that ;/

My mom didn’t like tv, but she didn’t like getting up that early even more. So she gave me permission to turn the tv on.

We only had a few channels back then! And a round knob you turned, no buttons and no remote control. Does anybody remember this?

One of the only things on tv that early was the Lone Ranger. I can hear the theme music in my head now!

The Lone Ranger wore a mask. Why??? To ‘keep himself and his family safe’ from any bad guys he arrested in the past. To PROTECT himself.

That’s what the enemy tries to get us to do. To put on a mask to try to ‘protect ourselves’ and actually all we are doing is masking the beauty that God has created, put a barrier between us and God, and a barrier between us and other people.

He wants us to think we are lone rangers, tough guys. But don’t want be aLone! The Lone Ranger only had one friend – Tonto. And he never had a girlfriend, I think the mask weirded the ladies out. (Although I wanted to he his girlfriends when I was 7 – lol!)

The enemy is so smart. He says, ‘put this up to protect yourself’. We buy in and he laughs at how easy it is to block us from our future.

There is beauty Behind the Mask. Although a cover up can be beautiful, it still covers, it doesn’t correct.

This is something I talked about at our I Am Woman Behind the Mask event last Friday in St. Louis and we are coming to West Palm Beach Friday, October 16th at 7:30pm at Palm Beaches Lakes High School.

It’s FREE for you and your girlfriends. A night out, music, a reason to wear a pretty mask,dress up or dress down and enjoy a jazz and and free appetizers afterwards.

Share this post with a friend right now and invite her to have some fun while we take off our masks together!!!

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  1. Angela Palmier

    For all you ladies in West Palm who read this…….Pastor Nicole’s events should be considered a CAN’T MISS. I don’t work for the church, and frankly, she probably has no idea who I am, but I can tell you that her events are LIFE CHANGING. Stop making excuses, start making plans! Even if you have to go by yourself, you won’t be by yourself for long!!!!

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